Are TGP partner accounts worth the money?

There are thousands of TGP sites to submit to for free, but some of the largest TGP sites charge for TGP gallery submissions through their TGP partner accounts (PAs), and most times there is no guarantee you’ll be listed. After realizing TGP traffic is a numbers game, we can now ask, are these TGP partner accounts worth the money?

Pinkworld Submit Pass

Truthfully the only one that can make that call is you. Even though you can get an idea from other adult webmaster’s results (like me), your experience with the partner account will be different than mine. Your TGP gallery templates, content samples, sales text and time of submission will be different from mine. The reviewer may like your submissions better/worse than mine and list more/less of them. It can get really complicated, but you can still make an educated guess.

A good start is to read discussions about paid TGP partner accounts on any adult webmaster boards you can find, but what worked for them might not be the same for you. If you’re ready to submit your TGP galleries every day to max out the value of the partner account, it’s time to test it for yourself. I do not suggest this unless you are comfortable with your TGP galleries and have a good idea of your galleries’ click through ratios (CTR) and sponsor ratios. It’s very important to know what you’re getting.

Paid partner accounts, also known as submit passes, are typically for a month at a time (30 days). After submitting your TGP galleries for those 30 days you can check your web statistics and see how many visitors came from that TGP site. Your web hosting service should have web statistics software already running on your server for you.

web stats

Based on the amount of visitors sent, we can calculate the rough value of this partner account by determining how many of those surfers are expected to buy an adult membership. For instance, if you know your average TGP gallery CTR is 2% and your average adult sponsor ratio is 1:1200 and pays $35/sale, and this partner account sent you 100,000 visitors in 30 days, it’s monthly value would be (((100,000 x 2% CTR) / 1200 adult sponsor ratio) x $35 sale commission) which would be $58.33. If the partner account costs $25 a month then you can expect an average of over 100% profit each month. Why not get as many of these as you can? They add up quickly.

Alternatively, you can name each TGP gallery submitted through the partner account with the name of the TGP site, such as ‘pinkworld.htm’, then go through all your sponsors’ stats for the previous 30 days and count how much money you made in sales off of urls with ‘pinkworld.htm’. Since sponsor sales are extremely volatile, and not all urls can be tracked correctly, I prefer to look at the traffic numbers directly.

Don’t stop there. Selling porn online is all about improving the conversions on your traffic sources. Experiment with other TGP gallery templates and see if you can get the CTR higher and/or the sponsor ratio lower to maximize your potential profits.

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