How to create a TGP Gallery

One way to promote adult affiliate programs is to create a web page with samples of adult content and submit it to Thumbnail Gallery Posts (TGPs). These are called TGP galleries and they are quick simple advertising pages with free porn. This is how I got started in the business and it still generates the bulk of my income. This method is definitely a lot harder than it was in 2001, but there’s still money to be made here. A TGP site is a large collection of links to these TGP gallery pages which usually update on a daily basis. TGP sites can generate lots of traffic since surfers love free porn.

A TGP gallery page contains a number of thumbnails that link to pictures or short movies, some sales text, and your affiliate links to the adult site you are promoting. TGP owners have their own rules on how much content the gallery should have, but I’ve found either 15-16 pictures or 4-8 movie clips will work for the majority of them. I mostly build picture galleries so I’ll begin there.

ftvcashStep 1. Pick an adult affiliate program to promote and download a set of images from their promotional tools after becoming an affiliate. Choose the best images for your gallery that show a sequence of events. Here I chose to promote FTV Girls from the sponsor FTV Cash. Their adult sites feature first time amateur models and the support is top notch. There’s lots of competition for ‘standard’ nude girls but there’s also lots of surfers who like them.

simple tgp gallery
Step 2. From your TGP gallery making tools, use your preferred editor to create a table of 5 columns and 3 rows for your thumbnails. In this example each thumbnail is 150 pixels wide and 200 pixels high (150×200), linking to the full size image. Each image should be about 800 pixels on the long side putting each image size between 50k and 100k.  Put your sponsor link on the top and bottom of the gallery with some sales text. Take the 2257 information from the adult site and put it at the bottom of your gallery. It’s very basic but that is a gallery ready for submitting to TGP sites. That’s all there is to it, but feel free to change the table and add some site banners for some variety.


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