My review of the Worldsex/Al4a Premium Partner Account


Worldsex is one of the largest TGP sites currently on the internet. It’s sister site, Al4a, is also a monster. A Worldsex/Al4a premium partner account allows you to submit a TGP gallery to each one every other day for 70 euros (currently about $97 USD) a month. There are no guarantees, you’ll just get your TGP galleries reviewed before any free submissions are considered, and be in better placement.

I happened to keep track of my submissions to Worldsex for the last 30 days (15 TGP galleries) and of those, 9 were approved for the main page, 4 were approved for the archives, and 2 are still in the review queue. Unfortunately I didn’t record my Al4a submissions but I’m assuming around the same results.

Visitors sent to my TGP galleries from Worldsex and Al4a for the last 30 days:



589,388 Total visitors.

Stats on 3 galleries listed at Worldsex had click through ratios of 3.05%, 2.29%, and 3.89%.

Assuming an overall average CTR of 3%, that’s approximately (589,388 x 3%) = 17,681 visitors to the adult sites being promoted. In that case, the average conversion ratio on $35 per signup would need to be 1:6383 or better in order to break even. Unless your TGP galleries and adult sponsors are incredibly poor, you should do well with this premium partner account.

Summary: Excellent value.

6 Responses to “My review of the Worldsex/Al4a Premium Partner Account”

  1. Nice write up Howling Wulf , I always thought that their price was a bit steep , but given your conversion data I reckon I’ll give them a try.


  2. Nice post Howling Wulf. Looking forward to future PA reviews.

    Here’s my thoughts on Worldsex.

    First, for US webmasters the euro conversion rate can fluctuate wildly. Some months I’ve been charged around $80 and other months it’s been around $110. You’ll probably also get charged a conversion fee.

    Second, a Worldsex listing (like The Hun) will HAMMER your server on the first day. There’s really nothing like a WS or Hun listing. A pure avalanche of traffic. It can clog the pipes, dragging all your sites down to a crawl. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a shared server. Also make sure you don’t get hit with overage charges. A single movie gallery can turn into a couple hundred GB.

    Third, in my experience, Worldsex (and Hun) deliver lower than usual conversion ratios. Just because you’re doing 1:1500 with regular TGP traffic doesn’t mean you’ll get similar ratios at Worldsex. But they make up for it in volume.

    Fourth, it takes a while to get Worldsex figured out. You can’t sell everything there. I’ve had some sponsors get thousands and thousands of hits with zero sales. My ratios went through the roof. Other sites sell very well at Worldsex. Be prepared for some trial and error.

    Fifth, their archives do very well. I get quite a few sales from the archives. So you can have a bad month with your initial listings, and make it up months later with archive sales.

  3. After browsing your site I decided to give gallery submission a go. Surprisingly I got sales from every submission to the Hun. So that led me to give Worldsex a go and see if it is worth it also.
    So far I’ve had no response to any submissions to worldsex or AL4A. So I don’t know how long it takes before a gallery gets reviewed but its definatley longer than I had expected, even with a premiun partner account. Have submitted every day alternatively to worldsex and al4a. How long did it take before your first gallery got reviewed Howling-Wulf?

  4. Currently I get Al4a reviews in about 24 hours but Worldsex takes about 3 weeks.

  5. Thanks Howling Wulf. Three weeks is good news because it means my galleries hadn’t been rejected yet. Thanks for being so helpful. Your site is one that I come back to constantly just to get the latest info on tgp. It is because of your reviews that I started up as a gallery submitter and your advice has already led to some sales.
    Thanks so much.

  6. I am going to buy a WS pass this month for a new paysite. Let’s hope it works out well. Their Alexa ranking has dropped from 3000 to 9000 over past 2 years, but it should still be a lot of traffic. I will also get Elepahntlist. They were used to be great a couple of years back.

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