TGP traffic is a numbers game

porn surferEven though your TGP gallery is an adult advertisement wrapped around some content samples, the overwhelming majority of surfers visiting TGP sites are casual browsers looking for free porn. Luckily, that’s just about everyone! Your TGP gallery submissions will be just some of many the surfer is clicking through to get their porn fix.

Click Through Ratio (CTR)
The percentage of surfers that click through your TGP gallery to your adult sponsor site is called the Click Through Ratio (CTR). How many do you think that will be? Take a guess right now.

It depends on many factors – the free content offered, the page layout, the sales text, the adult sponsor site itself, and the incoming traffic sources for starters.

Amazing content that interests the surfer is the most important. Surfers are known for having a very short attention span and if it doesn’t interest them, they’ll move on to the next gallery without even reading your sales text.

A nice design will attract the surfer’s eyes to your sales text or banner, increasing the likelihood of them reading it.

Your sales text makes a big difference. Using ‘Click here for more free pics’ will be clicked lots more than ‘Click here to join for only $2.95’, but this has a direct effect on your adult sponsor site ratios.

The adult sponsor site itself should match the content. Seems basic but you still see a niche specific gallery promoting something unrelated. Like a pregnant Asian girl promoting an Asian site. Surfers who like preggos will usually not be interested in Asian girls.

Incoming traffic from TGPs are worth noting, though it’s something out of your control. Most TGP sites will link to your TGP gallery through a description or a thumbnail representing the gallery, giving the surfer a preview and that specifically grabbed the surfer’s interest. Other’s link to your TGP gallery with a generic ‘Amateur gallery’ text, decreasing the likelihood of specific interest in YOUR TGP gallery.

Ok, taking all that into account, the typical range of a TGP gallery CTR is between 1% and 5%. So that means for every 100 surfers who view your TGP gallery, between 1 and 5 will click through to your adult sponsor site and check it out. Seems very low, and it is. The good news is there’s lots of volume. Once you have your partner accounts in order, a great TGP gallery can receive over 100,000 surfer visits in it’s lifetime. It all depends on who lists it and where. That would bring in between 1000 and 5000 surfers to your adult sponsor site from that one gallery. A poor gallery might struggle to reach 10,000 surfer visits if not many TGP sites list it.

Adult Sponsor Ratios
sales graphNot everyone who checks out your adult sponsor site will buy a membership. Far from it! In fact the numbers are even worse than the CTR. Since TGP traffic is mostly people looking for free porn, very few will be buying anything from you. Again, it’s all about volume. This ratio of sales to surfers is expressed as X:Y where X is 1 sale. For instance if you made 3 sales from 3600 surfer visits, your ratio would be 3:3600 which divided by the number of sales (3) breaks down to 1:1200. This is an important figure and webmasters throw it around a lot. What is a good adult sponsor ratio?

Of course, it depends (big surprise!) but the most important things are the source of the traffic and the adult sponsor site itself.

We know it’s TGP traffic, but what was your sales text? ‘Click here for more free pics’ will greatly increase your TGP gallery CTR but your adult sponsor ratio will plummet since they were expecting more free pics, not a paysite. If you used ‘Click here to join for only $2.95’ your CTR will plummet but your adult sponsor ratio will greatly increase because only those surfers interested and perhaps willing to pay will be checking it out. It’s better not to use the former because TGP owners don’t like their surfers being ‘tricked’ to a paysite when they think they’re getting more free pics. Best to stay away from those type of links.

Don’t do this. Ever.
poor sales text
Found this one. This poor webmaster linked his affiliate code for the adult site Crazy Mature Sunday from ‘Don’t waste your time.’ Poor choice of words. He’s probably flipping burgers now.

The adult sponsor site is the final product and the surfer will decide if he wants to buy a membership. Is it a great content site with a good layout and design with easy to find join links? Does it offer a trial membership? Does it accept Visa credit cards? Has it been updated recently? Does it use traffic leaks, pop-ups, or other sponsor tricks? All these will affect your adult sponsor ratio.

In my opinion the most common ratios in today’s TGP market are between 1:800 (very good) to 1:2000 (very bad). On some occasions the ratios can skyrocket much higher. Scrutinize those adult sponsors well to decide if it’s you or them.

surfer buys pornFinally! We have a range of numbers and a formula to work with. Quick, how many TGP surfers does it take to average a sale?

Let’s break out some medians, using 3% for the CTR and 1:1400 ratio for the adult sponsor site. We’ll use (3% X surfers / 1400) = 1 sale. Using our incredible math powers we crack the case by using ‘surfers’ = (1400 / 3%) which comes to 46,667. So, using this gallery promoting this adult sponsor site, you can expect an average of 1 sales for every 46,667 surfer visits to your TGP gallery. But what if we make slightly better sales text and promote slightly better sponsors? If we increase our CTR to 4% and our decrease our sponsor ratio to 1:1000, we can expect an average of 1 sale every 25,000 surfer visits. That’s almost twice as good! Amazing, no?

I hope you can see how many factors are involved, and why it’s very difficult to compare your CTR and ratios with other webmasters, except on a very loose scale. If someone states they convert an adult sponsor at 1:600 off TGP traffic, don’t expect the same, and vice versa.

Pop quiz! What is better, an sponsor A with a ratio of 1:800 or sponsor B with a ratio of 1:1200?
Answer: It depends! If both adult sponsors pay the same amount for a signup, 1:800 is better. If sponsor A pays $25 and sponsor B pays $40, adult sponsor B is better. But what if sponsor A’s content is so unique we get twice the gallery CTR than sponsor B? Know your numbers.

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