Are adult affiliates getting credit for mobile traffic?

The answer is ‘probably not’. Some adult affiliate programs are redirecting any mobile traffic you send to their sites, and some of them are NOT giving you credit for any sales. It’s blatant theft of your adult traffic and you won’t even notice it in your stats unless you happen to surf your own sites with a mobile device, OR you can fake your Firefox browser to act like one.

Here’s how to do it with Firefox. Download and install the User Agent Switcher add-on. After restarting the browser, select Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> Options -> Options. Then select User Agents -> Add and fill out the following in the form:

user agent switcherDescription = iPhone
User Agent = Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en)
APP Name = AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko)
APP Version = Version/3.0
Platform= Mobile/1A542a Safari/419.3

Then choose ‘iPhone’ in the Tools -> User Agent Switcher menu and start surfing some of your affliate codes. It didn’t take long for me to find three sponsors who were redirecting my mobile traffic and not giving me credit! The only sponsor I found who redirects mobile traffic correctly is Topbucks, who not only passes on the affiliate code, but also asks the mobile surfer if they want the original site, or the porn site built specifically for mobile devices. That’s a nice touch.

Just 6 days after posting this article, one of the adult programs announced they will now be tracking affiliate codes when they redirect the mobile traffic to their mobile site.

I also received a support response from another adult program about their mobile redirecting:

“We do not credit mobile sales coming from pc sites.

There are several reasons for this:

1) We do not pay the same PPS for a mobile join as we do for a pc join.
This being said, we cannot credit you for a sale that is sent through a pc
2) We have conducted tests and users are very unlikely to join our site
with an unoptimized join page, therefore, even if you are sending surfers by
chance to Baby Got Boobs, you would have not gotten a sale.”

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  1. Great article, I thought topbucks would be one of the ones not giving credit.
    I think all sponsor sites should offer some sort of mobile site or at least have video formatted for the mobile users. They just need to give credit for the sales.

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