How to create a freesite for adult linklists

One way to promote adult affiliate programs is to create a freesite and submit to adult linklists. The first important distinction to make is that although a freesite basically means any site that is free, when it comes to adult linklists they only accept adult freesites that follow certain rules and follow a certain structure. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your site is so unique or so special that these do not apply to you.

Freesite rules – The most used and perhaps the most stringent rules are from one of the largest linklists and known as the ‘Greenguy rules‘. Adult freesites that follow these rules should be accepted on any linklist.

Freesite structure – A basic adult freesite consists of 3+ pages:


realhomemadeporn-warning -> realhomemadeporn-main -> realhomemadeporn-galleryone realhomemadeporn-gallerytwo

I don’t know the history of how this particular structure came into being, but it’s fairly solid.

WARNING PAGE – This is the entrance page for the adult freesite that the linklists will link to. With few exceptions this will be a permanent link for the search engines to follow and give the freesite a chance to be indexed. It should contain the freesite title (3-5 words), the freesite description (~50 characters), some ‘adult warning’ text, reciprocal links to the linklists you will submit it to, up to three advertising links, and an ‘enter link’ to your main page. If you’re using samples from the gallery pages a 2257 link at the bottom is necessary. This is THE most important page for your adult freesite. Choose a title and description that will POP. ‘Hot Teen Girl’ is boring. I can title the SAME EXACT freesite with ‘College Coed Exposed on Campus’ and it’s much better at drawing in the clicks and better at competing for those search engine keywords.

Important notes not in the rules:

  • All reciprocal links must be above the ‘enter link’ to your main page.
  • Do not use hardcore images or banners on the warning page. Some linklists will deny for this.
  • Limit the reciprocal links between 8 and 20.  If you want to submit to more linklists, create a mirror site (a copy) of your freesite with their reciprocal links.
  • Don’t overuse freesite templates. Create different designs and promote different sponsors in different categories.

Within these rules you can design your warning page however you like.

MAIN PAGE – This is really just another opportunity to sell to your surfer. Use your ad spots wisely and link to your gallery page(s). That’s it.

GALLERY PAGE(s) – This has the adult content samples and the ads of the sponsor you are promoting. If it is content provided by the sponsor, the  majority of the ads should be to that sponsor. If you bought the content yourself, promote whatever you want. The basic layout of a gallery page is EXACTLY the same as a TGP gallery, so it’s very easy to cross over and submit to both TGP sites and linklists with your efforts. You may opt for just one gallery page but having more pages means more ads to use. Most adult freesites use two gallery pages.

That’s really it. The hard part is making a nice design that will sell the surfer. Stay away from boring sponsor banners and try making your own. Put some thought in your eye candy and sales copy to grab the surfer’s attention and give him a reason to visit your sponsor. Almost all surfers are at 1024px or wider so design with that in mind and avoid empty space. Here are two examples of submitted freesite warning pages that follow the rules but in my opinion are very poor.

poorFS poorFS2

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