My review of the Richards Realm partner account

richards-realmIt’s been said Richards Realm is older than the trees of Isengard. Okay, I said that, but RR has been around a long time and is a very text oriented site with many followers. Richards Realm offers a premium submit account for 3 TGP and MGP submissions each day with preferred placement above the free submits for $40 a month. See the Richards Realm Alexa rating for a further breakdown.

Although I could do 3 each for picture and movie galleries, for a total of 6 per day, I usually just do 3 picture gallery submits per day. A peek into my monthly stats shows Richards Realm sent my galleries 174,895 unique hits for those 30 days. With about 90 submits, that averages to just under 2000 unique visitors per gallery.

Using my ‘poor results’ formula, I assume a 2% CTR and a 1:1500 sponsor sale ratio at $35/sale for the 174,895 visitors, giving me an expected 2.33 sales for a dollar amount of $81.62. At $40/month cost my expected return for this partner account is a very nice 104%. On a pure traffic basis this equates to $0.23 per K.

Summary: Excellent value.

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  1. Some great stuff here…thanks for all the info, I’m enjoying reading your stats and ideas. Keep it up.

  2. Very good review… Personally i love my RR account and have been using RR for about 7 months.

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