My review of the Shemp Gold Plus partner account

shemp Shemp has been running a well established TGP site of the same name since the 90s, and was the first to kick cheaters in the teeth and switch to a preferred submit system in early 1999. This led to better quality submits which led to more happy book markers who trust his site for their daily dose of porn. Shemp’s Alexa rating shows him as one of the big dogs in the TGP world. His TGP gallery links do not skim for traffic trades, giving higher quality traffic than skimming sites. Shemp eventually moved to only paid partner accounts on Oct 31, 2008 due to the changing nature of the online adult business. When I read the adult webmaster boards for Shemp partner account reviews I mostly see replies of how good the traffic is, but that could mean different things to different people. I thought I’d place some hard numbers for you to compare to your own efforts.

shemp accountsI’ve been using the Gold Plus account since before Shemp dropped the free accounts. I submit two TGP galleries a day almost every day across various niches, and my unique visitors from Shemp TGP in the last 30 days is 183,327 first time gallery visits (I do not count 304 Not Modified requests as those are return visitors). Assuming 60 TGP gallery submits, all listed, would be an average of just over 3,000 surfers to each.

I like to use the ‘poor results’ numbers of a 2% click through ratio (CTR) and 1:1500 conversion ratio at my adult affiliate program I’m promoting on TGP traffic, so that I can compare different TGP partner accounts in perspective. I also set the value of a signup at $35. My actual numbers are better and I hope yours are too.

Using this formula I can determine a value from my $50 a month Shemp Gold Plus partner account that sent me 183,327 visitors. At a 2% CTR that would mean 3,667 surfers continued on to the paysite. At a 1:1500 average signup ratio, that would mean 2.44 sales are expected, for a total commission of $85.55. Even my ‘poor results’ tells me my return on investment with this account is 71%.

If you were to buy direct TGP gallery traffic from a certain traffic broker he would charge you $1.40 per K. With Shemp’s Gold Plus partner account I’m only paying $0.27 per K.

Summary: Very good value.

After working these numbers I have upgraded to a Shemp Platinum account and will review the results next month.

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  1. I’ve been paying for a regular gold account since Shemp started charging for accounts. I have slightly less traffic than in you example but the overall results are the same. $40 well spent.

    Great post and great blog Howling Wulf 🙂

  2. Another great review…I have had an account there for over 2 years now and love the traffic he sends… On a side note every once and a while Shemp will actually post his Top 40 categories which helps a lot when choosing what niche you want to promote on his site.

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