Stats for a top listing at Pinkworld

pinkworldJust yesterday I noticed I had the top spot at Pinkworld for one of my TGP galleries. I used 2 main links to the sponsor site and an exit link at the bottom to my related hub. For all you stats people here are the numbers over the first 24 hours.

Unique visits: 41,244
Main sponsor clicks: 2088 (5.06% CTR)
Bottom link clicks: 787 (1.91% CTR)

Submitpasses states ‘Pinkworld is currently receiving 404,866 unique visitors and 1,748,827 page views a day’ but there’s no date for when that was written. If that is true for the day of this listing, that means about 1 in 10 visitors clicks the 1st gallery spot.

For extra info I just checked and noticed it reports 48.5% of their traffic comes from India. What’s up with that?

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