TGP gallery design review #1

old-deganThis TGP gallery design was sent in for review by a recent graduate of the Adult Webmaster School for a critique. Overall, it’s okay and should get listed on many TGPs, but I think the click through ratio (CTR) would be quite low. With a little effort we should be able to increase the CTR and get more sales. Note that everything that follows is my opinion, and other adult webmasters are sure to have theirs as well.

  1. The first issue is the TGP Gallery design width is just over 600px wide, when the overwhelming majority of surfers are using 1024px wide or higher according to the latest browser display statistics. That is leaving about 40% ‘dead space’ outside the gallery.
  2. Six outgoing links is too many. Many TGP sites accept much less. We need to cut some.
  3. Images are too big, about 400k per image and they’re only 900px by 600px in size.
  4. The very top has a logo image of ‘Degan Sex’ and that’s it. No link, no explanation, no reason for it to be there. TGP surfers are finicky and we need all the ad space we can get. Chuck it.
  5. The top banner for the adult affiliate program doesn’t mesh with the width of the TGP gallery design and there is no sales text to go with it, and as far as banners go, this one has no images and is incredibly easy to look over. Chuck it.
  6. The top of the table has a short gallery description. Not bad, it mentions the porn star name and some descriptive keywords. Just be sure if you use this to change it with every content set you use with the gallery template.
  7. Sales text to join a 21 site network with a different site link. Why? What does it offer? There’s no call to action. Chuck it.
  8. Paysite link with ‘more hot ass — click here’. A blind link like that might be clicked on this gallery, but it’s probably surfers looking for more free pics and they haven’t been prepared to see the paysite. Change it.
  9. Bottom banner to the paysite that doesn’t mesh with the width of the TGP gallery design. No sales text around it either. Why the border above it? Chuck it.
  10. A webmaster link? A TGP gallery is for potential paysite members, not webmasters. Chuck it.
  11. 2257 is linked to a 2257 page with no explanation. Some TGP scripts count this as an outgoing link. Also it stands out too much. We need to tone it down.

old-degasexBy running a screenshot of the gallery through Feng-GUI,¬† an artificial intelligence service that simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of exposure to visuals, we can see the most likely ‘red spot’ to get the initial attention on the gallery is the left side thumbs, with only a passing interest in the top banner and text on the way to the images. The bottom area seems completely overlooked. This is just an indication of where a surfer’s eyes are drawn to during the first 5 seconds, and that may be the only time you have¬† to sell him before he decides to leave your gallery. Let’s make sure his eyes are drawn to our advertising as much as possible.

A quick and simple TGP gallery redesign

new-degan To satisfy the most stringent TGP sites, I’ll limit the TGP gallery redesign to 2 paysite links.

  1. I changed the thumb sizes so the TGP gallery design is roughly 900px wide to maximize the advertising space. I also matched the background color to the paysite to make any click throughs more seemless.
  2. Reduced the images from 900px wide to 800px and saved at 85% quality, reducing the total size from 6.13MB(!) to only 970k for all 16 images.
  3. I kept the top description, only extended it to fill more of the TGP gallery design space.
  4. Instead of using some cookie cutter banners, I went to the paysite and took screen shots of the headers, re-sized them to fit my TGP gallery design, and dropped them in with some sales text I copied right from the paysite. Better sales copy can certainly be used.
  5. Instead of having the first banner at the top, I put it in the middle to break up the flow of the thumbs, making it harder to the surfer to ‘glaze over it’. I mean, look at that girl’s ass in the blue bikini – it seems to pop out!
  6. The 2257 information I left unlinked and in small text, I don’t want to give any bot/spider/surfer any reason to go there. Not ever.

new-deganI certainly don’t claim to have any graphics skills, but I think the new TGP gallery layout is something anyone could do to improve their results. Ok let’s see what Feng-GUI gives us for this new layout. Well, we can see the focus is drawn almost immediately down to the middle ad space, giving us two bright red spots the surfer should gravitate to. The bottom ad space also fares well. Based on the heatmaps alone, I would guess the new TGP gallery design would increase the click through ratio by roughly 50% on the same content, and I think the sponsor ratio would fare better as well, since the sales text pre-sells the surfer a bit more. Here’s hoping it leads to more listings and sales!

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  1. First of all I want to thank Howling-Wulf for setting up this blog. What a great idea to have such a resource for webmasters and webmaster-wannabies!

    The folks at Adult Webmaster School gave me some basic tools for creating TGP galleries and free sites but it is nice to get some real-world feed back from webmasters that have been in the game and really understand gallery design formats, what converts and how to drive sales more effectively.

    I feel pretty lucky to have been give all this incredible feed back from Howling-Wulf as well as many others on the Greenguy and Jims boards. For all you aspiring webmasters you should definitely be checking those boards for more great tips and tricks that will translate into $$.

    Thanks again


  2. Wow thanks so much you answered some questions for me on GG&jim forum and I must say you are the only person that has really given me stuff that actually helps me out, not tons of vague “it depend on” kind of answers

    Thanks so much howling wulf your the TGP authority in my book


  3. Never seen such “TGP for Dummies” step by step explanations! Many thanks.

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