Sponsors not crediting all sales? Believe it.

It’s called ‘shaving’, when a sponsor that has it’s own affiliate program doesn’t credit all the sales you’ve made in order to boost their bottom line. Somewhere during the signup process, the software would somehow ‘lose’ your affiliate code. Almost impossible to see and therefore prove. This was a big issue during the ‘early years’, […]

Further explanation of TGP gallery statistics

On my TGP partner account reviews I use the ‘poor results formula’ a lot, and when I think about it I wonder if people think “Why would I buy a pass that’s only expected to make me $40 after a month of submitting?”. It’s a good question, so I thought I’d explain. I use ‘poor […]

My review of the Bone Me partner account

The entry for Bone Me at Submit Passes mentions a package of sites averaging about 500,000+ uniques daily but no date when that was written. A $39 submit pass allows 10 submissions per day for 30 days. I counted 40 total Bone Me sites, 4 general TGP sites and the rest niche related, so you […]

Submission stats for June 2009

I like to spend my afternoons at the beach or playing my xBox, but with the recession affecting online porn sales I decided to go balls to the wall and submit 5 TGP galleries and 2 LL freesites every day and tally the results. I decided on 5 and 2 because I felt that was […]