My review of the Bone Me partner account

Bone MeThe entry for Bone Me at Submit Passes mentions a package of sites averaging about 500,000+ uniques daily but no date when that was written. A $39 submit pass allows 10 submissions per day for 30 days. I counted 40 total Bone Me sites, 4 general TGP sites and the rest niche related, so you will be only listed on sites that match your gallery. Still impressive though.

It’s interesting to note the categories each gallery is listed in (and sites it’s listed on) is taken from keywords in the gallery description itself, so take extra care to hit those categories listed on the main site Bone Me. This means instead of a bland description for a bbw gallery like

‘Brunette bbw babe rides a hot cock’
(matches 4 categories, only 1 is niche related to bbw)

change it to be keyword rich

‘Plumper bbw cutie with big chubby titties banging fat cock’
(matches 6 categories, 4 niche related to bbw)

This will increase our niche targeted traffic.

There’s only so much submitting I can do in a day before I burn out, so I only submitted 5 per day instead of the 10 max. After 30 days of submitting the Bone Me sites sent my galleries a total of about 171,729 visitors. With about 150 submits, that averages to just over 1100 hits per gallery.

Using my ‘poor results’ formula, I assume a 2% CTR and a 1:1500 sponsor sale ratio at $35/sale for the 171,729 visitors, giving me an expected 2.33 sales for a dollar amount of $80.14. At $39/month cost my expected return for this partner account is a very nice 105%. On a pure traffic basis this equates to $0.23 per K. Incidentally the traffic and cost of this submit pass is almost exactly the same as the Richards Realm partner account. If I submitted 10 per day this pass value with be even higher.

Summary: Excellent value.

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  1. […] I’m also working on building partner accounts. I found several sites that chameleon won’t submit too unless the partner account is setup. This is going to take some time. I put in requests this weekend, still no response. Many of the partner accounts are paid only via submitpass. I just got approved this morning, so I will start to review some more paid partner accounts. Boneme looks pretty good, based on howling wulf’s review here. […]

  2. The other nice thing about BoneMe is the archives. Counting your traffic the single month is a good deal, but you also get traffic for a few months at least after that, although less. I also suggest anyone submitting to go to, look at the front page as there are terms they have for categories for you might not think of, you can add to your descriptions.

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