My review of the Call Kelly Premium partner account

call kellyThe description for Call Kelly at Submit Passes states they currently have 410,000 Unique visitors and 750,000 page views a day. A $100 monthly premium submit pass allows 1 submission per day to the main page. It’s Alexa page shows that it’s been online since 1996. It looks like the thumb gallery listings go through a trade script, but I can’t tell what the skim percentage is. Galleries are listed according to thumbnail popularity. They have a tube section and an active forum for surfer’s to submit their own content too. You get to compete with both for traffic.

After a month of submitting, my previous 30 days of stats shows 145,090 hits sent from Call-Kelly. This is less traffic than from the $40 and $50 TGP submit accounts. Call Kelly doesn’t send accept or decline emails, so I can only assume all submissions were listed. Perhaps my thumbnails didn’t do so well and therefore I wasn’t ranked well. I don’t know, but skimming the traffic off to their trades doesn’t help.

Call Kelly Monthly Pass: $100 allows 1 submit per day. Traffic received: 145,090 hits.
Estimated pass value with performance on 145,090 hits to TGP galleries for a $35 per sale site.

Results CTR Ratio Sales Value
Poor 2% 1:1500 1.93 $67.71
Average 3% 1:1250 3.48 $121.88
Good 4% 1:1000 5.80 $203.13

I always compare the price of the submit pass with the worst case scenario, ‘Poor Results’, which in this case I would be losing money. In current market conditions, it seems Poor Results are soon becoming average. Better to be safe than sorry. With the $100 you can buy two $50 passes and get over twice the traffic instead.

Summary: Poor value.

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  1. I would say … thay have worse than poor results. You track just traffic, but I tracked actual signups (had more traffic from there than you because I used my best thumbs to test this account) and I had almost no signups from there for 3 months 🙁 Traffic is ok … but quality of traffic is really poor

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