Stats Remote figures for July 2009


CCBill breakdown

Two dedicated servers ~$400
Paid partner accounts ~$550
Submit Tools, etc ~$50

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  1. That’s so great…I’ve never seen anyone publish all their stats like this to give a complete overview of what’s going on. Really appreciate all the help and information you have supplied. I can see that I need to do a lot more partnering to get where I need to be and this has helped me to realize that. What program are you using for the stats? Is it Nifty Stats Pro?

  2. I was a little leery of putting up my stats, but you’re right hardly anyone does it. I don’t claim to be a baller, but I do make a living at this.
    The program I use is Stats Remote.

  3. Nice stats .. I have much worse ratio 🙁

  4. Thanks Wulf:) Great motivator!!

  5. I am wondering on your FTVgirls stats, it shows 48 bucks per sale. I am assuming thats before the 50/50 split so you get 24 per sale?

    I am only getting 14.95 per sale. Do you get a higher payout when you do more sales or am I not reading your stats right.

  6. No, on rev share splits, the longer the surfer stays a member the higher the value of the sale. If you made a sale and the member stayed two months, you would have earned 14.95 + 14.95 = 29.90 for the sale. In this case my members stay quite a long time, for an average of around 48 bucks each sale for that time period.

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