My Blog Empire, phase I

After hearing about blogs here, there, and everywhere, I took the learning steps with WordPress and set up a series of 17 blogs in August 2008. I used a mix of paid and free templates, and added 20-50 posts for each. Some were 100% unique, but most were hand morphed from gallery descriptions, replacing and mixing sentences and keywords to match the blog niche. I added all the good plugins, including one that automatically posts drafts every X hours. I set mine to update every 1-3 days, and I figured I’d revisit the blogs in a month or two to see how much Google loved them, and tweak accordingly.


I made a lot of common mistakes. I come from a TGP gallery background, so you’ll have to cut me some slack. I wasn’t familiar with WordPress or even adult SEO much back then. The first blunder was registering keyword domains (with hyphens) thinking that would practically guarantee top spots for that search term. That was wrong, as the domain name is only 1 of about 80 things Google looks at in it’s mystic formula.

The biggest mistake was I targeted too many key phrases, and much too wide. New blogs with no PR/authority are not going to rank well, if at all, for ‘teen sex’, ‘milf pussy’, ‘hot blondes’, etc. It’s best to start with 3-5 ‘long tail’ key phrases with less competition so ranking is easier. Once more PR/authority is established, I believe shorter key phrases can be targeted with better results.

Another mistake was updating too often. I think every time the spider bots visited each blog they had a completely different site to digest because all the blog posts were new. Some blog posts probably cycled off the main page before they were even seen by a spider bot. Since my key phrases were all over the place I didn’t get much juice for any of them. From what I understand, the higher the site PR, the more often and more deep the site is crawled. I’ve seen many blogs with top search terms that haven’t been updated in over 6 months.

I also made my titles WAY too descriptive, like a TGP gallery or LL freesite description. Each title should only be the 3-5 key phrases you’re targeting, if possible, and repeated several times in the blog post itself depending on length. My original ones were like 10+ words long.

Last but probably not least, I morphed text from various different gallerie descriptions, making different writing styles which made it more difficult to target the keywords I wanted, and probably turned off potential readers.

Basically, my first experience with adult blogs turned out to be what NOT to do, with few search results and none of those in the top 20. They only made sales because I had my own traffic source, linking back from TGP galleries and LL freesites. At least they all received PR 1 or 2 to help with link trades. I’ve taken my mistakes and avoided them on my new blogs, giving my ‘phase II’ blogs a much better success rate so far, with many of them getting top search terms. The best keyword so far brings in 10k SE hits/day. More on that next time.

6 Responses to “My Blog Empire, phase I”

  1. Perfect timing – I’m about to start something similar.

    I was wondering if you would wanted to share which software/plugins you used?

  2. I would say my core ones are All in One SEO Pack, Executable PHP widget, Google Analyticator, Google XML Sitemaps, Scheduled Draft Publish, Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger, WP-PageNavi, and WP Super Cache. Phew.

  3. Cool – thanks… did you use the BO, GS and BA for cheap adult scripts or did you hand write posts?

  4. Didn’t use any of those. “Some were 100% unique, but most were hand morphed from gallery descriptions, replacing and mixing sentences and keywords to match the blog niche.”

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