My review of Easypic premium partner account

used to be a big mover when text TGPs were king. Then one day the owner decided to list only free hosted galleries, paid spots, and paid partner accounts. He also put in a background javascript redirect to his other site Movie Post and added a ton of sponsor links on the main page, all to maximize it’s income with minimal management. All submitted galleries will be only listed on category pages, and not on the index page. It may sound bad, but Easypic still has a fair Alexa rating and a decent amount of traffic. A $100 Easypic partner account is good for 6 months, and allows 10 submissions per day with very loose guidelines, including sponsor hosted galleries.

I usually submit 3-5 galleries a day, and the last 30 day snapshot shows 44939 hits from Easypic to my galleries. No accept or decline emails are sent.

Easypic Monthly Pass: $100 allows 10 submits per day for 6 months. This comes out to just over $16 per month. Traffic received: 44939 hits over a 30 day period.

Estimated pass value with performance on 44939 hits to TGP galleries for a $35 per sale site.

Results CTR Ratio Sales Value
Poor 2% 1:1500 0.60 $20.97
Average 3% 1:1250 1.78 $37.75
Good 4% 1:1000 2.96 $62.91

Summary Value: Fair to Good depending on how many submits per day.

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