TGP gallery stats for October 2009

For anyone interested in numbers like myself, the number of surfers sent to my submitted TGP galleries in the month of October.

Results of analyzing log files
Start date: 01/Oct/2009 at 04:02:42
End date: 31/Oct/2009 at 04:02:32
Pageviews: 4,581,014 (hits minus graphics)
Transferred: 1.50483e+10 bytes

The twenty most popular pages were:
138888 /dors/big-tits-round-ass/hun.htm
86386 /ftv/victoria-glasses/hun.htm
61284 /gals/cm/interracial-sex/worldsex.htm (sent 2233 sponsor clicks for a 3.64% CTR)
55616 /gals/tms/interracial-indian/worldsex.htm
54593 /gals/cm/milf-sex/worldsex.htm (sent 2526 sponsor clicks for a 4.63% CTR)
50021 /gals/ah/latina-anal/worldsex.htm (sent 1396 sponsor clicks for a 2.79% CTR)
48228 /ellie/huge-boobs/worldsex.htm
46209 /ellie/table-tits/worldsex.htm
44576 /vids/at/andi-anderson/worldsex.htm (sent 1341 sponsor clicks for a 3% CTR)
44366 /gals/kimber/oral-cocks/hun.htm (sent 2770 sponsor clicks for a 6.24% CTR)
42064 /gals/sa/sexy-tits/worldsex.htm (sent 1760 sponsor clicks for a 4.18% CTR)
41555 /gals/lbg/thai-beauty/worldsex.htm (sent 2048 sponsor clicks for a 4.92% CTR)
40665 /vids/at/bobby-star/worldsex.htm (sent 1466 sponsor clicks for a 3.6% CTR)
32964 /vids/at/aurora-jolie-kelly-devine/worldsex.htm (sent 725 sponsor clicks for a 2.2% CTR)
30067 /ftv/victoria-glasses/al4a.htm
25958 /gals/sj/silk-kimono/hun.htm (sent 311 sponsor clicks for a 1.2% CTR)
25173 /danielle/boobs-pussy/al4a.htm
24751 /vids/at/katja-kassin/shemp.htm
24680 /vids/us/foursome/worldsex.htm (sent 1288 sponsor clicks for a 5.22% CTR)
24640 /ftv/brianne-bikini/al4a.htm

Well you can see right off Worldsex had 12 spots, The Hun 4, Al4a had 3, and one on Shemp. Also 18 of the galleries were picture galleries, and 4 were movies.

The twenty most common referrer URLs were:

The top 20 here represent 16 different TGP sites which require 9 paid partner accounts and 2 free partner accounts. Both and do not require partner accounts to submit. I do not submit to or, they both scrape my galleries from the other top TGPs. It’s worth noting the number is mostly fake referrer requests from the TGPX script when a gallery is submitted. Also whitelists (i.e. hotlinks) gallery content for normal listings, and the requests above are from searches on only. The actual traffic must be much higher, but difficult to determine.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for having this blog. Sharing your experience and particularly your stats are really helping me quantify my own efforts. I also appreciate your feedback at the greenguy forum.

    It’s really nice to see someone actually working the business on a daily basis and making an income.

  2. Just trying to do some math on the transfer bytes.

    Does that equal 15048.3 Gigabytes?

  3. Really not sure, but note the stats are hits minus graphics. If you want transfer bytes, my total bandwidth from ALL sources in October was 5764.39 GBs, but I’m sure most of it is from TGP galleries.

  4. Hi Howling Wulf. I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I’d appreciate it if you could do a review of I’ve often thought of getting a submit pass there. But I rarely see other submitters mention that site. It’s interesting that you get a good amount of traffic from them. Could you please share your input?


  5. I’ll write up an Easypic review here shortly.

  6. Thanks HW. Looking forward to it!

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