Skinning your TEVS tube site with WordPress themes

I use the Tube Embed Video System (TEVS) script from Big Dot Media because it not only does it have a low price point, but the front end is completely customizable. Those are the two qualities I wanted most. I didn’t want my tube sites to look the same, which is the case when I tried some other scripts that didn’t let you customize. Also it has a friendly SEO linking structure.

There are already tutorials at Big Dot Media to set up the basic legal tube site and import videos from adult sponsors. They provide a basic template you can use, but I found an easy way to use ready made designs – WordPress Themes. You can replace the WordPress specific code and replace it with TEVS code, all it takes is a little copy and paste.

For instance the first screen shot (Bbw Tube Vids) uses the Diversity theme by Eve. If you don’t want to keep footer links you can offer the author a few bucks to remove them. I first took out the WordPress code from the Diversity theme so it just displayed the design itself, then made a copy for each page I wanted to use in the TEVS site structure (index.php,videos.php,vid.php in my case). Then for each of those pages I inserted the TEVS code from the default TEVS template and presto I have a skinned tube site.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

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