My review of Pinkworld premium partner account

Pinkworld is one of the old school text TGPs, online since 15-Apr-1999.

Submit Passes states that Pinkworld is currently receiving 351,866 unique visitors and 1,748,827 page views a day, but no date is listed. Pinkworld’s Alexa rating is still very good. The bad news is it shows 50% of Pinkworld’s traffic is from India. That traffic is very dismal, even for TGP.

Pinkworld submit pass: $59 per month allows 1 submit each day. Approval time is about 3-4 days. Traffic received: 300k over the last 30 day period, but because of the India traffic, I’m going to estimate it as 150k of ‘good’ traffic.

Estimated pass value with performance on 150k hits to TGP galleries for a $35 per sale site.

Results CTR Ratio Sales Value
Poor 2% 1:1500 2 $70
Average 3% 1:1250 3.6 $126
Good 4% 1:1000 6 $210

Summary Value: Still seems good, but with so much foreign traffic, it’s a toss up.

4 Responses to “My review of Pinkworld premium partner account”

  1. thanks for review

  2. Thank you, was considering them for a partner account but $60 seems steep for the traffic?

    Any thought son Snakes World or Free Heaven?

  3. Nothing on them yet.

  4. I love you for doing these reviews, but I do think you’re crazy for giving away this info for free.

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