My Blog Empire, phase II

As I mentioned in ‘my blog empire, phase I‘ back in October of 2009, my initial foray into blogs was not too successful. I came to the decision that unique hand written posts targeting certain keywords were essential to getting good search engine placements. With RSS and morph feeds you just cannot control the keywords you want. It’s a total crap shoot. While RSS fed blogs are build and forget, I just don’t think they can compete against a well written blog that knows how to target adult search terms.

So I ended up writing 6-10 unique posts for each adult blog and setting them to auto update about once a month, because I was skeptical and didn’t want to work too hard. I also centralized my niche blog posts into one central porn blog. I didn’t make up any stories or backgrounds, I mostly just wrote what I thought about when I saw the gallery or page I was linking to, and made sure my main key phrase was in the title and used several times in the post itself. I also made sure whenever I had a noun in my niche I had an adjective(s) for it. So not just ‘milf’ but ‘busty milf’ or ‘horny blonde milf’ etc. These came out to usually 100 sometimes 200 words or so. I don’t claim to be an expert, but it’s time to report the changes I see on my adult blogs.

It’s mostly encouraging news. It took a couple months, but many of them now have top ten Google spots, and some have #1 spots. That’s quite a jump. For my top blog, Google Analytics reports ‘Search sent 278,296 total visits via 11,347 keywords’ for the previous 30 days. Unfortunately, some still don’t rank well. Still, I’m happy with the results so far, considering I rarely update the blogs and they’re now ranking better than ever. What should I do next? Build more adult blogs? Write posts more frequently? Get more incoming hard links? Better monetize the ads? Probably some combination of the four. I wondered how they fit into my monthly sales figures, and ended up breaking my sales down for April.

These numbers are new sales and does not include rebills from previous months.

TGP Galleries $4395 62% Still my bread and butter money source. I submit 2 or 3 TGP galleries every day, sometimes more, but I do this EVERY day unless I’m on vacation. It generally takes about two hours.
Adult Blogs $1188 17% Rather surprised it was this high. Makes me want to work on this aspect some more and get this percentage higher.
Unknown Source $984 14% Damn affiliate tracking! Who knows?
Legal Tubes $248 3% After initial set up these are left on auto pilot. They are not updated like blogs but I did buy TEV scripts. Overall they seem okay for the small amount of work to set them up.
Bookmarks $146 2% Surfers who bookmark a tour and adult affiliate programs that actually report its sale.
Linklist Freesites $95 1% This is misleading, since half the available links on the freesite point back to my network, so those sales from this traffic source would show in those categories instead.
Landing Pages $90 1% Simple pages with lists of niche sites for the surfer to choose from. I link to these sometimes from TGP galleries or linklist freesites depending on niche.

I may ramble a bit but writing this stuff down helps me sort it out. Maybe someone finds this info useful?

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  1. Nice post Howlin’.
    I was wondering how you can tell what sales come from where with your CCBill sponsors. Do you sign up with multiple merged accounts and use the different affiliate links for each? IE: one aff link for Blogs, different one for TGP etc.

  2. 60% of my April CCBill sales came from FTV Cash with an average sale ratio of 1:647 unique clicks. Followed by lots of others between 1-7 sales each. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to use any kind of campaign tracking when I started, and I use a central database of sponsor links and banners for use everywhere, so I rely on referrer tracking.

  3. So, how do you use referrer tracking? Arn’t FTV Cash links still in Legacy and not in WMS. There isn’t a way to determine which URL brought the sale is there?

  4. Yes. In the CCBill Admin Page, under Reports->Transactions, there’s a check box ‘Breakdown by URL’s:’.

  5. You know Howlin’,
    I’ve even had conversations with CCBill regarding this and they told me the URL’s couldn’t be tracked. I’m gobsmacked! I would just like to say a big thank you! I’m amazed! I never knew in 18months of doing this. F My Life lol

  6. Nice post Howlin’.
    I was wondering how you can tell what sales come from where with your CCBill sponsors. Do you sign up with multiple merged accounts and use the different affiliate links for each? IE: one aff link for Blogs, different one for TGP etc.

  7. I never planned ahead and used campaigns or separate urls for the most part. I check the referring urls to see where the sales came from.

  8. How are you building up pagerank with these blogs? Are you placing inbound links on a handful of your other blogs or submitting to directories or something else?

    Also, have you found that frequent updates brings more traffic or that inbound links helps more with that? Thanks!

  9. 1. I don’t care about pagerank, I care about SE rankings. So I look for sites with top 20 rankings for keywords regardless of pagerank to trade links with.
    2. I do trade some links between my sites but mostly ABC or ABCD trades via sites like Linkspun.
    3. Frequent updates doesn’t guarantee more traffic,so I prefer creating more sites, and those that rank well get more updates. Inbound links are supposed to help as well.

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