Adult sites and link building

Yes I’m still kicking. As you all probably know, ratios are down and it’s getter tougher by the day in the adult online business. For September my sales ratio from all sources was a sad 1:2425. Traffic to TGP sites is still dropping, and some have switched to tube layouts altogether. However they still charge the same amounts for premium submit passes, so I’ve dropped quite a few. I’ve been concentrating on building adult blogs to capture my own traffic and need to get a link building campaign going.

I stumbled upon this pod cast on adult sites and link building from Linkspun owner Jdoughs, and it gave me a few new ideas. I recommend listening to it for anyone who wants search engine love with their adult sites.

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  1. Bab news. Thanks for links.

  2. Right on bro- Linkspun kicks ass for building a link network, and JDough is a really helpful guy

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