The Hun Tgp review time

Just thought I’d note I received a TGP gallery submission acceptance email today (Dec 31st) on a TGP gallery I submitted on Aug 17th. So it looks like the long queue means a review time of about 3 1/2 months. Wow. Maybe my Christmas gallery will be approved in time for St. Patrick’s day.

How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer

This basic post is aimed at adult webmasters who want to start with a free adult blog network and/or use free hosted blogs to increase incoming links into their main network. There are several great free adult blog hosts and I’ll be using Sensual Writer for this example, but Sexus Blog has the exact same […]

Adult sponsors and cookie tracking

Lots of adult affiliate programs use cookies to track your affiliate code in addition to or instead of using them in the urls. This way if a surfer comes back to the sponsor site at a later date to make a purchase and his cookie still has your affiliate code, you will get credit for […]

The Chameleon submitter tool for submitting TGP galleries

Brad sent in an email asking if Chameleon Submitter was worth it for submitting TGP galleries. I’ve used Chameleon Submitter for years, and here’s my thoughts. I’m unsure without paid partner accounts from the bigger TGPs that this tool is ‘worth it’. It might pay for itself with a little extra using free TGP submissions […]

Custom made adult blog directory

So I’ve been taking some time off expanding my site network to write the script for OMG Sex Blogs, an enhanced porn directory for adult blogs. I’ve been surfing a lot of adult blog directories and I think a lot of them are just awful. I wanted to make one I wanted to be a […]