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omg sex blogsSo I’ve been taking some time off expanding my site network to write the script for OMG Sex Blogs, an enhanced porn directory for adult blogs. I’ve been surfing a lot of adult blog directories and I think a lot of them are just awful. I wanted to make one I wanted to be a part of, that wants to get the surfer to the adult blogs he wants to see, easy to navigate, and has a lot to offer for sites that participate.

Instead of your adult blog falling lower and lower in the category pages like some other porn directories, there are various locations to get multiple linkbacks. There are backlinks on the new blogs pages, category pages, top 20 sidebar for those that send traffic (site wide), and spotlight sidebar for random blog selections (different on every page), as well as sections for your blog’s last entry via RSS for deeplinking. This way participating adult blogs should always get good linkbacks.

It’s brand new so most of the adult blogs are mine, but I’m hoping to get more submissions and some link love from Google soon.

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  1. Congratulations on your new project, I will add my blogs include recips.

  2. I think that you have a great directory model going on. Most blog directories are poorly organized and kind of spammy. Yours is nice and clean. If you get submissions than you should start bringing in some great search engine traffic.

    I have about 200 blogs and I think that I will be submitting them to you over the course of the next couple of months. Should benefit both of us.

  3. Very nice. What plugin are you using to handle the directory?

  4. It’s just a php script I wrote with a mysql back end.

  5. Wow! Good job. You could probably package and sell it. Merry Christmas!

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