How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer

This basic post is aimed at adult webmasters who want to start with a free adult blog network and/or use free hosted blogs to increase incoming links into their main network. There are several great free adult blog hosts and I’ll be using Sensual Writer for this example, but Sexus Blog has the exact same owner and back end.

If this is your first time using Sensual Writer, click on ‘Get a Free Blog’ on the main page to create an account. Type in a subdomain and blog title to see if it’s available to use. Your first blog will always be your default blog that loads when you log into Sensual Writer. I used for this post.

sensual writer admin

After logging in you will see the default admin screen like the above screenshot. Use the second menu from the top to set up your free adult blog.

Click on ‘Plugins’ and Activate the All in one SEO Pack.

Click on ‘Options’ and ‘General’ and set the tagline for your adult blog, rich in keywords you want to target. Click on ‘Discussion’ and uncheck ‘Allow people to post comments’. Click ‘Permalinks’ and set custom structure to ‘/%postname%/’. Now click on ‘All in One SEO’ and set any fields you don’t want the addon to handle.

Click on ‘Users’ and set a Nickname that you want to appear on your blog posts (instead of your account user name). Make sure to set ‘Display name publicly as’ so it shows up. This only needs to be done once for all your free adult blogs.

Click on ‘Presentation’ and choose a theme to use for your adult blog. Next click on ‘Widgets’ to set up your sidebars. You’ll use mostly Text Widgets, so select 5 or more of them at the bottom. Click and drag these to your sidebar(s) and fill them with any ad text you like from related sponsors. You won’t be able to upload sponsor banners, so you’ll have to use ‘hotlink’ ads from your sponsor (like an iframe). Webcam and dating sponsors most commonly use hotlink ads. Now use one text widget to link back to some of your other adult sites, and another text widget to link to adult blog directories where you will submit this new adult blog for traffic and link backs.

Click on ‘Manage’ then ‘Pages’ to edit or delete the default About page.

Click on ‘Write’ to start your blog postings. The editor should be intuitive so just play around and you should get the hang of it easily. Write in whatever style you feel most comfortable with. 1st person, 3rd person, narrative, whatever. Sprinkle the text with your target keywords, but don’t spam it. Longer post descriptions are usually considered better because of the amount of unique text, but don’t fret if you can’t force yourself to write that much. It’s more important to get something out quickly than be a word sleuth. Aim for 5-10 published posts to start each adult blog. You can always add more later if you want to.

Done! Now submit this blog to the adult blog directories on your list. Your first free hosted adult blog might take a few hours to complete, but after some practice you should be able to get one finished in about an hour.

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  1. I have been able to upload banners in the past, by uploading an image to a post and saving the code for the updated images after deleting the post. The image stays uploaded.

    Do these free blogs use nofollow in the links and sitewide, or is it possible to trade pr from on to another? I haven’t personally used free blogs as much as my own hosted blogs. (But currently I am modding Drupal)

  2. An interesting banner workaround, I might have to try that.

    I don’t use Links widget or the Blogroll, I use a text widget so I can put any code for backlinks I want, including nofollow. I also use my own hosted blogs, but thought I’d experiment with free hosted blogs to see the value they might have for building backlinks to my main network, try different text writings, and perhaps get some search engine rankings. I will be posting more as the data comes in.

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