The Chameleon submitter tool for submitting TGP galleries

Brad sent in an email asking if Chameleon Submitter was worth it for submitting TGP galleries. I’ve used Chameleon Submitter for years, and here’s my thoughts.

chameleon submitter

I’m unsure without paid partner accounts from the bigger TGPs that this tool is ‘worth it’. It might pay for itself with a little extra using free TGP submissions but no windfalls. It’s not the tool though, it’s the TGPs. Almost 90% of my TGP traffic and sales come from my paid partner accounts. The TGPs with big traffic that are free to submit to I could count on one hand. I use the Chameleon Submitter because it speeds up creating mirror pages, thumbnails and submission times, and the additional 200+ TGPs it allows me to submit to for free is just extra. In short, if you’re not going to buy premium partner accounts I would look elsewhere.

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  1. I appreciate it. I have tried other places but only get slanted opinions that it is terrific. I have passes at most of the big boys, just wasn’t sure if the extra tgp’s or the free partner tgps were worth the cost/trouble.

    I only spend a few minutes making my mirrors so it doesn’t sound like it’s worth it to me. I apply many of your methods that you post here and have become more successful because of it. I look forward to any further partner reviews and tips in the future.

  2. If you do not have partner accounts then you can try this software for 1-2 months an see where is traffic coming from(I mean TGP with free submission). Choose 5-6 and do mirrors yourself. It is my personal experience. Usually posted to 100-200 TGP sites. It was not worth of time I spent for inputing capcha. Choose few big TGPs and doing it my self.

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