Free hosted adult blog results

When I wrote the article How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer I used Free Brandi Bell as my example. This is its Google Analytics graph after 27 days. The initial surge of traffic is from being listed in the adult blog directories, which quickly dies down as the adult blog listing […]

First new adult blog of 2011

It’s only January 3rd and I’m already behind! However I did get my first adult blog of 2011 launched. Starting with 10 posts and I have another 20 drafts scheduled so I’m good for a long while. I think I’ll start with less on future sites and just add more posts down the road. I […]

Adult affiliate stats for 2010

Rough year for many of us – ratios continue to climb and illegal tubes with free videos are still dominating the market. I worked on a regular schedule this year, really putting in the hours these last few months when I decided to expand into adult blogs. Some of my paid partner accounts went dead […]