Adult affiliate stats for 2010

Rough year for many of us – ratios continue to climb and illegal tubes with free videos are still dominating the market. I worked on a regular schedule this year, really putting in the hours these last few months when I decided to expand into adult blogs. Some of my paid partner accounts went dead (TGP Alliance, Easypic) and I’ve dropped others that weren’t working out and have been more or less writing new adult blog content to placate the search engines. The loss of traffic hurt a bit, and in the end my sales have dropped 7% from last year.

stats remote 2010
This graph is from Stats Remote – please note the comma in the left axis is off by one (still hasn’t been fixed). Traffic and sales have been decreasing throughout the year, but I don’t know how much of that is from the economy and how much from losing some traffic sources.

Year Uniques Sales Rebills E-Sales $$$ Ratio $$$/Sale $$$/Day
2009 4,101,263 2269 2174 3923 $92,480 1:1653 $40.06 $253.37
2010 4,843,578 1998 2160 5936 $85,832 1:2225 $42.96 $235.35
-Diff- +18% -11.94% -0.64% +52% -7.19% -34.60% +7.24% -7.11%

The key issue is that although my traffic went up 18%, my sales ratio dropped 35%, netting me an overall 12% decline in new sales.

This chart is my received income (after check fees and the like) and expenses incurred on my end. For 2011 I plan to cultivate my own traffic sources (mainly search engines) through a quality adult blog network. My goal is to make 20 new adult blogs per month (not counting any free hosted blogs).

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your stats. I’m going to put mine up later this week as well. I really only worked the first half of the year, and only part time.

    I’m wondering how well your blog text in the post is doing for seo? Are you writing with seo focus in the content or just describing the pic/vid in the post.

    I’m not seeing much traffic at all from the text content, but mainly on the domain name, post title, and page title & description – in that order. Generally post titles with the pornstar names get found, but not much else. I have not done any backlinking to individual posts, only anchor text to the domain name – mostly linking from my other domains.

    In general, do you set up anchor text in your backlinks to individual posts or just to the main domain?

    Anyway, seems like I answered my own question as to why I’m not getting much traffic, but would still like your comments/opinion.

    -Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. I use different writing styles on different blogs. I can’t say which is better. I’m still learning myself.
    I don’t think I ever backlink to individual posts unless with an rss feed widget. I usually contextually link to root, tag, or category.

  3. Being that a big focal point for you has been blogs, I would be willing to be that this time next year you will be up 20%+ from last year. The long term benefits of what you are doing know will be there as you know.

    I am also planning a large network of blogs, focusing on small networks grouped by niche, etc. as well free blogs.

    I am also developing my own version of “sensualwriter” with more of a focus on revenue sharing as well as some blog to blog interaction, versus the standard way each blog is currently kept completely independent. Mix that with non-rss fed original blogs and trusted webmasters and it is a win win.

  4. Good luck with your free hosted blog project. I’m currently having trouble keeping up with my goal of 5 new blogs per week. I think things will improve when I finish my network wide ad system and get used to Windows Live Writer but we’ll see. A 20% income bump would be nice, so I’ll aim for twice that.

  5. Wow, these are the numbers I’m hope’en for in the future. It’s nice to see someone whos getting it done and actually making some money from it. I see autoblogs out there full of spam and not maintained. Ruining the internet I say.

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