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When I wrote the article How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer I used Free Brandi Bell as my example. This is its Google Analytics graph after 27 days.

The initial surge of traffic is from being listed in the adult blog directories, which quickly dies down as the adult blog listing is pushed off the front pages. All the graphs of the 20 free adult blogs I created follows the same pattern. Depending on niche, they received 400-1200 visitors in the first 30 days. All of them received a negligible amount of search engine traffic except one which received about 400 hits for being on the 2nd page of Google. These search engine rankings might rise in the future but who knows.

7 of the top 10 adult blog directories belong to Twan (submit here) and the #10 spot is my own humble adult blog directory OMG Sex Blogs! No I don’t give myself special treatment. I just wrote my directory so sites will be randomly featured to help avoid the degrading link return most directories have.

If we use calculus and solve for infinity over the life of a free hosted adult blog it might get 1k-3k total hits (I’m guessing, really), with the occasional lightning hit for a specific search term. But throw in the backlinks you added to your main network sites and for about an hour’s work a free hosted adult blog isn’t bad for affiliate webmasters as one of their many tools. If you can do one a day you’ll soon have around 15k-20k new monthly visitors to your free hosted blog network, and a certain percentage of those will visit your sponsors and/or main blog network.

On a side note, unless your free hosted blog somehow ranks on the first page of Google for a good term, there is no reason to continue updating a free hosted adult blog (you’ll see no increase in traffic). It’s much better to create a new free hosted adult blog for another shot of adult blog directory traffic and more yummy backlinks.

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  1. Nice. Any sales so far from any of this blogs?:)
    Can I ask you few questions?

    1. How do you choose key word for a new blog? I remember I did big mistake year ago and choose high compet. keywords(Google top1-10 was already taken by big guys on this words). Can you please share you strategy?
    2. Did you use handwritten texts for all this blogs?

    Some of my FH blogs/splogs got 12K hits for year (teens), some 6K(gay),some 1.5K. Everything depends on key words and niche.

    Thank you.

  2. Hey Howling, I’ve been lurking around here for awhile. Like reading your posts and find them informative.
    Was just wondering. Did you make any sales from this blog or are you not concerned with that? Just want the traffic?

  3. No, no direct sales. Only around 600 visitors so far, and about 230 checked out the Brandi Belle tour. Sidebar ads have some hits too. I don’t know how many followed backlinks to my main network. Just counting the first 30 days traffic I’d make 1 sale for about 4-5 of these free hosted blogs assuming a 1:1000 sales ratio. Over their lifetime 1 sale per free hosted blog might be expected I don’t know yet. Nothing to get rich on but something to build if you have a little extra time, and don’t discount the value of backlinks even if they’re hard to determine. Time will tell. Build and forget.

  4. 1. I’m learning my strategy as well as you. Currently I’m trying to zero in on porn star, porn site, or porn term. It’s a learning process but I have some high hopes for my new 2011 sites.
    2. Yes, handwritten text. If I use a short description per picture I’m getting 100-150 words. More would be better but I’m not going to stress if I can’t think of any more to write I move on to the next one. I don’t wants rss or morphed rss because I can’t control the key phrases or keyword densities.

  5. I hear you. I am trying the same thing. I just started again after trying a few years ago with cj sites, but that traffic was crap and didn’t convert. Now I am trying blogs. I am also trying to build blogs on subdomains of my main site instead of using free porn blog hosts. Just made three this week. I am going to treat each subdomain site as a real blog just not build and forget. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  6. HW thanks for sharing. I also started to build some free hosted blogs, I didn’t submit anything yet as I’m finding places that will approve them. I’m thinking about creating simple directory just for free hosted blogs but that is in plans only 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing, I tried make few free hosted blogs under few months ago. And important point is: those that contain 2-3 low density keywords in subdomain (without obvious sex/porn) have some little SE traffic, let’s say 10 SE hits/day is average.. So my plan now is build some reasonable network of free blogs (about 100) that will be updated 4 ever. I suppose 1000 SE hits/day, hopefully I’ll done it till next summer..

  8. Per my own personal experience, free hosted blogs net usually 1-3 sales over their lifetime. Sometimes that sale will be in a month, and sometimes it will be two years from now. But over time they add up, and I have five or six that make sales every single month for the past two years(go figure). This makes free hosted blogs great for newer webmasters, allowing them to fine tune their sales pitches without making a single monetary investment.

    And once the free hosted blogs start pulling in the money for the webmaster to start a real blog network, they have a bunch of free blogs ready to feed link juice to their hosted blogs. So even though a lot of established webmasters discount free hosted blogs, they do have their place. New webmasters shouldn’t make it their only source of income or invest too much time in them. My advice would be get your own hosting as soon as possible.

  9. That’s good advice right there.

  10. Hi Wulf, very interesting stuff. I’ve been going around signing up for some of these free adult blogs… I know it’s impossible to keep updating a million blogs, so you just go make one, put up one post, and abandon? Well… I guess a backlink is a backlink is a backlink!

  11. No, 5 or 6 blog posts is the minimum required for most blog directories.

  12. Ok thx good to know, I’ll keep my free blogs alive for at least a week or two before leaving them behind a dumpster! Btw, if you’d like to do a link trade I’m in. Just lemme know.

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