Pornstar blog SEO results after 6 months

Just thought I’d drop a note with those simple pornstar blogs I made 6 months ago in January. I’m just reporting the [pornstar name], and not the longer tail ‘[pornstar name] blog’, ‘[pornstar name] videos’, etc. which are even better. These rankings are as of today, please note adult rankings are usually very volatile.

Pornstar Search Term
Google Yahoo Bing
Alexa Loren 1st page 2nd page 2nd page
Amy Reid 3rd page 8th page -n/a-
Ava Addams 1st page 4th page 4th page
Haley Cummings 2nd page 8th page -n/a-
Micah Moore 3rd page -n/a- -n/a-
Phoenix Marie -n/a- 6th page 6th page
Rebecca Linares 3rd page 9th page 5th page

I did a few trades for incoming links and I think if I do more the rankings will improve.

This is what the search terms generally look like (tracked using CuteRank).

I think Google starts new sites off in a ‘honeymoon’ period where it tests your site in the search results for surfer CTR, bounce rate, and probably some other things. Once that’s over, the site has to climb it’s way up through Google’s normal formula for ranking.

4 Responses to “Pornstar blog SEO results after 6 months”

  1. Hey Howling Wulf.

    What’s your opinion on CuteRank? Have you been using it long? Is it worth the $60? This is the first I’ve heard of it. But it looks interesting.

    Maybe if you have some time, could you write-up a review? They have an affiliate program. So put up your affiliate link and I’ll click through if I download the software.


  2. Yeah, but how many hits do u get from the listings or sales? I have a few good rankings but still hardly any traffic or sales.

  3. Yeah, if you think you can build just a few pornstar blogs and make mad sales you’re very mistaken. Pornstar blogs are very niche specific and if you’re not near the top of search results your SE traffic will be minimal, but any ranking adds to domain authority. They only take a few hours to make so it’s fairly straight forward to crank out as many as you want, competition is low, and each one feeds into the network. Each of these new blogs have made between 0-3 sales in their first 6 months alone. My best one so far (not listed above) is 3 months old with 6 sales. We’ll see how they do yearly as their rankings improve. If I can make 100 pornstar blogs in 300 hours bringing in only 300 extra sales a year that’s still about $35/hour, a nice addition to my normal adult work. And just about anyone can start an adult blog.

  4. It’s nice to have Cuterank but not really necessary. I like seeing the history graphs. I think I bought it on sale for $30. No review needed, it’s free to use for a single domain, so go ahead and download it and set up your best site.

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