Adult Affiliate Programs

Many sponsors also have an adult affiliate program for signing up other webmasters. If you sign up with a adult affiliate program using my affiliate link, I’ll make a commission every time you make a sale with that adult affiliate program. Don’t worry, you still get paid the same, only the adult affiliate program throws a couple bucks my way as a thank you. Here’s the rub, many webmasters put up adult affiliate links for you not because they recommend them, but just because they’re trying to squeeze a few bucks into their meager income. I suggest only signing up under other webmaster links if they give a good reason why the adult affiliate program is recommended. I promote over 70 adult affiliate programs, and here’s my opinion of the best of them.

FTV Cash – Has been very solid since the day I signed up to them. Great looking unique content of mostly amateur girls. Member’s area is very interactive so people tend to stay around. With mostly TGP traffic through a filter page it earned me an average $0.11 per unique in 2008.
Pussy Cash Pussy Cash – I’ve only promoted their webcams, and I haven’t compared it to any other webcam adult affiliate programs, but in 2008 they earned me an average $0.10 per unique. I only use webcams on blogs and similar sites, not TGP galleries or linklist freesites.
Lover Cash Lover Cash – All adult niche dating sites. I send mostly my alternative traffic there, gays and shemales. They must love to date because they earned me $0.05 per unique in 2008. I promote them mostly on blogs and similar sites.
Loaded Cash Loaded Cash – Another adult dating affiliate program that promotes hot single girls. Some great tools to use on your blogs and such, especially the geo profiles. For 2008 they brought me $0.04 per unique.
Kinky Dollars Kinky Dollars – Very niche oriented sites with unique and exclusive content, so surfers into these fetishes are more likely to be interested. Paid me $0.03 per unique, on average, off mostly TGP traffic.
Pimp RollPimp Roll – I’ve had mixed results with this adult affiliate program. Some sites convert well and others just dismal. They have a ton of sites though covering almost every niche so it’s worth having on your list if you want to promote something specific.

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  2. Agreed. Howling Wulf is upfront and reliable with what he says on this site. Signed up to FTV and kinky dollars and will start promoting them on tgp. Hope you get that couple of bucks thrown your way. Thanks for the good advice.

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