Pornstar blog SEO results after 6 months

Just thought I’d drop a note with those simple pornstar blogs I made 6 months ago in January. I’m just reporting the [pornstar name], and not the longer tail ‘[pornstar name] blog’, ‘[pornstar name] videos’, etc. which are even better. These rankings are as of today, please note adult rankings are usually very volatile. Pornstar […]

Related posts keeps more surfers on your adult blog

The longer a surfer stays on your adult blog, the more exposed he is to ads and your bounce rate will improve. I think search engines like Google take time on site and bounce rate into account for their rankings. Lately I’ve been experimenting with the ‘Related Posts’ type of plugin, which shows random images […]

Linking to and from quality adult sites

With the latest Google panda update there’s been a lot more buzz about quality vs quantity. It seems crystal clear now Google is not just suggesting fresh unique content, they are endorsing it as a major part of their algorithms. I hope you are making these quality sites already, such as hand written adult blogs. […]

Free hosted adult blog results

When I wrote the article How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer I used Free Brandi Bell as my example. This is its Google Analytics graph after 27 days. The initial surge of traffic is from being listed in the adult blog directories, which quickly dies down as the adult blog listing […]

First new adult blog of 2011

It’s only January 3rd and I’m already behind! However I did get my first adult blog of 2011 launched. Starting with 10 posts and I have another 20 drafts scheduled so I’m good for a long while. I think I’ll start with less on future sites and just add more posts down the road. I […]