Adult affiliate stats for 2011

Not too shabby for me this year. I just switched to Nifty Stats 6 weeks ago and I won’t be able to compare previous years, so I’ll just post some screenshots. It includes most of my adult affiliate stats for 2011. Sales were pretty much the same as last year. Overall stats: CCbill stats: Breakdown […]

Nifty Stats review

I recently installed the free Nifty Stats trial after problems renewing Stats Remote and thought I’d post a Nifty Stats review for those who haven’t tried it yet. It has all the stats details you’d expect, plus some extras under the hood I was pleased to find. Nifty Stats no longer has a free ad-supported […]

Stats Remote figures for August 2011

It’s been over two years since I’ve done a monthly breakdown. Oops. CCbill breakdown:

Kinky Dollars stats surprisingly good

My Kinky Dollars stats were surprisingly good yesterday. I wish this happened every day… with all the sponsors I promote.

Adult affiliate stats for 2010

Rough year for many of us – ratios continue to climb and illegal tubes with free videos are still dominating the market. I worked on a regular schedule this year, really putting in the hours these last few months when I decided to expand into adult blogs. Some of my paid partner accounts went dead […]