My Blog Empire, phase III

Okay so I’ve been paying more attention to my blog stats since I broke down the numbers in the phase II post. My adult blog sales have increased from $1188 in April to $1809.78 in May, so it’s becoming a significant portion of my adult income. I’ve decided to buckle down and write more posts […]

My Blog Empire, phase II

As I mentioned in ‘my blog empire, phase I‘ back in October of 2009, my initial foray into blogs was not too successful. I came to the decision that unique hand written posts targeting certain keywords were essential to getting good search engine placements. With RSS and morph feeds you just cannot control the keywords […]

Adult affiliate stats for 2009

Well, I made it through another year. I hope you did too. However, a lot of adult webmasters left the biz after the recession monster reared it’s ugly head early in the year. Like many, I panicked, so I did what I thought was best. I buckled down, quit World of Warcraft, and started putting […]

TGP gallery stats for October 2009

For anyone interested in numbers like myself, the number of surfers sent to my submitted TGP galleries in the month of October. Results of analyzing log files Start date: 01/Oct/2009 at 04:02:42 End date: 31/Oct/2009 at 04:02:32 Pageviews: 4,581,014 (hits minus graphics) Transferred: 1.50483e+10 bytes The twenty most popular pages were: 138888 /dors/big-tits-round-ass/hun.htm 86386 /ftv/victoria-glasses/hun.htm […]

Stats Remote figures for July 2009

CCBill breakdown Expenses Two dedicated servers ~$400 Paid partner accounts ~$550 Submit Tools, etc ~$50