Stats for a top listing at Pinkworld

Just yesterday I noticed I had the top spot at Pinkworld for one of my TGP galleries. I used 2 main links to the sponsor site and an exit link at the bottom to my related hub. For all you stats people here are the numbers over the first 24 hours. Unique visits: 41,244 Main […]

Are TGP partner accounts worth the money?

There are thousands of TGP sites to submit to for free, but some of the largest TGP sites charge for TGP gallery submissions through their TGP partner accounts (PAs), and most times there is no guarantee you’ll be listed. After realizing TGP traffic is a numbers game, we can now ask, are these TGP partner […]

TGP traffic is a numbers game

Even though your TGP gallery is an adult advertisement wrapped around some content samples, the overwhelming majority of surfers visiting TGP sites are casual browsers looking for free porn. Luckily, that’s just about everyone! Your TGP gallery submissions will be just some of many the surfer is clicking through to get their porn fix. Click […]

Submitting to TGP sites

Overview There are thousands of TGP sites on the internet, but only a small fraction control the majority of the TGP traffic. After you create a TGP gallery, don’t think you have to submit to every TGP you find, instead concentrate on the larger sites to maximize your time/money ratio. There’s a big hurdle though. […]

Great TGP gallery making tools

Here’s what I use to help make a TGP gallery after downloading a content set from an adult affiliate program and choosing the best pictures to use. The first thing I do is run a small perl script to rename the jpg images 01.jpg to xx.jpg. You could also rename the images manually instead of […]