Stats on Internet Pornography

This is why I prefer email

Klintonnn11:39 AM Klintonnn has added you Add Block Discard Klintonnn11:39 AM hello klinton here from gfy i posted topic about that worldsex accounts HowlingWulf11:39 AM hello. what’s up Klintonnn11:39 AM hey Klintonnn11:40 AM do you post picture galleries to worldsex ? HowlingWulf11:40 AM yes Klintonnn11:40 AM and you got them frequently listed ? HowlingWulf11:40 AM […]

Another adult affiliate blog

I thought I was the only adult affiliate foolish enough to have an adult blog talking about my traffic and income, but no! I just stumbled across Chubbs blog Blast Traffic only he hasn’t updated it in two years so I don’t know what happened to him or how long it will stay up. Still, […]

List of blacklisted adult programs

This is from the people over at Signbucks Daily, the first and only adult chronicle. They have lots of resources for adult affiliates, and one I saw today should get out there so everybody can see it. It is the list of blacklisted adult programs and there’s probably quite a few you’ve heard of or […]