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Related posts keeps more surfers on your adult blog

The longer a surfer stays on your adult blog, the more exposed he is to ads and your bounce rate will improve. I think search engines like Google take time on site and bounce rate into account for their rankings. Lately I’ve been experimenting with the ‘Related Posts’ type of plugin, which shows random images at the bottom of any single blog post:

Which has led to some good results across six test sites.

This implies some surfers are sticking around longer and increasing my chances of making a sale. It’s simple to add this type of plugin to any wordpress blog and didn’t require any extra work on my part after setup.

Linking to and from quality adult sites

With the latest Google panda update there’s been a lot more buzz about quality vs quantity. It seems crystal clear now Google is not just suggesting fresh unique content, they are endorsing it as a major part of their algorithms. I hope you are making these quality sites already, such as hand written adult blogs. But how do you know if the site you’re about to link to or from is low quality, which may affect your Google rankings?

Well, you should be able to easily spot link farms, those sites with gazillions of links and ads on every page. Google hints that any links over 100 on a page ‘might not’ be indexed, but it’s a gray area and it seems you are safe somewhat past that, but I personally don’t want any sites that have over 150 links, 200 tops.

Each person will have his own steps and tools to check a site out, unless you’re a new webmaster willing to link to or from anything out there. I thought I’d put out my checklist out there so we could share ideas.

Step 1. Visual check. Is there any surfer tricks? Is it giving away full length videos? Is it a link farm? Is it a static full page ad? Has it been updated recently? Are there excessive ‘dead space’ in posts, almost a sure sign of an rss fed splog? Does it have a niche or keyword I want?

Step 2. SEMrush check (free version). Does Google rank the site for any good top 20 terms? The more Google likes a site, the more I like it. I use the SeoQuake toolbar for Firefox/Chrome so it’s just a couple clicks for me to see SEMrush details, domain age, incoming links, Yahoo site explorer, etc.

Step 3. Quality check. Is it well written unique text? Do I think a surfer mind spend some time checking this site out? I usually scroll down to the bottom of the page and verify it’s in English most people can read easily, not broken or quasi-human English. Then I copy a sentence in the post and pop it in Google (with quotes) to see if it appears on a number of sites. If it does, that’s usually a splog alert.

What additional checks do you do?

Free hosted adult blog results

When I wrote the article How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer I used Free Brandi Bell as my example. This is its Google Analytics graph after 27 days.

The initial surge of traffic is from being listed in the adult blog directories, which quickly dies down as the adult blog listing is pushed off the front pages. All the graphs of the 20 free adult blogs I created follows the same pattern. Depending on niche, they received 400-1200 visitors in the first 30 days. All of them received a negligible amount of search engine traffic except one which received about 400 hits for being on the 2nd page of Google. These search engine rankings might rise in the future but who knows.

7 of the top 10 adult blog directories belong to Twan (submit here) and the #10 spot is my own humble adult blog directory OMG Sex Blogs! No I don’t give myself special treatment. I just wrote my directory so sites will be randomly featured to help avoid the degrading link return most directories have.

If we use calculus and solve for infinity over the life of a free hosted adult blog it might get 1k-3k total hits (I’m guessing, really), with the occasional lightning hit for a specific search term. But throw in the backlinks you added to your main network sites and for about an hour’s work a free hosted adult blog isn’t bad for affiliate webmasters as one of their many tools. If you can do one a day you’ll soon have around 15k-20k new monthly visitors to your free hosted blog network, and a certain percentage of those will visit your sponsors and/or main blog network.

On a side note, unless your free hosted blog somehow ranks on the first page of Google for a good term, there is no reason to continue updating a free hosted adult blog (you’ll see no increase in traffic). It’s much better to create a new free hosted adult blog for another shot of adult blog directory traffic and more yummy backlinks.

First new adult blog of 2011

alexa loren fan It’s only January 3rd and I’m already behind! However I did get my first adult blog of 2011 launched. Starting with 10 posts and I have another 20 drafts scheduled so I’m good for a long while. I think I’ll start with less on future sites and just add more posts down the road. I spent some time tweaking the template to be how I want it so using it again should be easier to set up.

Adult affiliate stats for 2010

Rough year for many of us – ratios continue to climb and illegal tubes with free videos are still dominating the market. I worked on a regular schedule this year, really putting in the hours these last few months when I decided to expand into adult blogs. Some of my paid partner accounts went dead (TGP Alliance, Easypic) and I’ve dropped others that weren’t working out and have been more or less writing new adult blog content to placate the search engines. The loss of traffic hurt a bit, and in the end my sales have dropped 7% from last year.

stats remote 2010
This graph is from Stats Remote – please note the comma in the left axis is off by one (still hasn’t been fixed). Traffic and sales have been decreasing throughout the year, but I don’t know how much of that is from the economy and how much from losing some traffic sources.

Year Uniques Sales Rebills E-Sales $$$ Ratio $$$/Sale $$$/Day
2009 4,101,263 2269 2174 3923 $92,480 1:1653 $40.06 $253.37
2010 4,843,578 1998 2160 5936 $85,832 1:2225 $42.96 $235.35
-Diff- +18% -11.94% -0.64% +52% -7.19% -34.60% +7.24% -7.11%

The key issue is that although my traffic went up 18%, my sales ratio dropped 35%, netting me an overall 12% decline in new sales.

This chart is my received income (after check fees and the like) and expenses incurred on my end. For 2011 I plan to cultivate my own traffic sources (mainly search engines) through a quality adult blog network. My goal is to make 20 new adult blogs per month (not counting any free hosted blogs).