First new adult blog of 2011

alexa loren fan It’s only January 3rd and I’m already behind! However I did get my first adult blog of 2011 launched. Starting with 10 posts and I have another 20 drafts scheduled so I’m good for a long while. I think I’ll start with less on future sites and just add more posts down the road. I spent some time tweaking the template to be how I want it so using it again should be easier to set up.

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  1. Looks good! Yea, I’m behind after the Holidays also…just needed a break. Now I’m wondering, your keyword density for Alexa Loren is up to 14.3 which is pretty high. I usually shoot for a 2.0 – 5.0 in keyword density. Is this high working for you in the past?
    Anyway, thanks for giving us your time and help in the past year and hope you have a great year in 2011!
    Thanks also for the link trades last year ;0)

  2. I’ve been playing with writing styles, and this is the first one where keyword density is this high. The results aren’t in yet.

  3. I preffer to make entire blog right away. It is hard for me to return later to update it.
    I noticed this blog has very few words per one post(compare with your other blogs)…does it matter if I use 100 words per post or 10?
    Thank you.

  4. Looks great.
    Do you use LinkSpun we can setup some trades with your blogs 🙂

  5. Yes I’m in LinkSpun as HowlingWulf

  6. It probably does matter… somehow. I don’t know Google’s secret so I try different writing styles and I find a short caption per picture is a lot easier and quicker than dumping a huge story. I’ll have to bulk them up a bit to lower the keyword density though.

  7. Howling Wulf, of course it is easier to create short texts:) Please let us know how your short text blogs doing compare to long text blogs. Will keep eye on this topic:)

  8. We have been tempted to create a blog like yours however we are facing government forced filtering of such sites in Australia. I’ll keep an eye on yours to see how well it is received!

  9. Google is showing this blog at #15 for me for ‘Alexa Loren’. Let’s see if I can get on 1st page.

  10. It is #13 already.

  11. What happen? You moved on #45.

  12. Google is testing positions. It is common for a new site.

  13. Back to #15.

  14. Hi. I have a question. Just found that my blog on #6 for key word “blacksluts”. Do you know why it appears on first page under “blacksluts” , but I can’t find it under “black sluts”? When I created this blog I choose keyword “black sluts” not “blacksluts”. Few my other blogs have same problem.
    Thank you.

  15. I don’t know the blog, but I’m guessing ‘blacksluts’ appears in the domain and/or text. There’s much less competition for that term so you have a better chance of being listed higher and just hit the Google magic spot.

  16. Blog looks great, be interesting to see how much traffic you get. Alexa Loren ranks high in searches so should be sweet.

  17. I have a few porn blogs. Non of them are more then 1k per day I’m still waiting on making some money. I find I can stamp them out no problem. it’s just the link building that takes the most ammount of time. I might just call up the adult traffic boys and buy a few 1000 hits for cheap.

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