Pornstar blog SEO results after 6 months

Just thought I’d drop a note with those simple pornstar blogs I made 6 months ago in January. I’m just reporting the [pornstar name], and not the longer tail ‘[pornstar name] blog’, ‘[pornstar name] videos’, etc. which are even better. These rankings are as of today, please note adult rankings are usually very volatile. Pornstar […]

Kinky Dollars stats surprisingly good

My Kinky Dollars stats were surprisingly good yesterday. I wish this happened every day… with all the sponsors I promote.

Related posts keeps more surfers on your adult blog

The longer a surfer stays on your adult blog, the more exposed he is to ads and your bounce rate will improve. I think search engines like Google take time on site and bounce rate into account for their rankings. Lately I’ve been experimenting with the ‘Related Posts’ type of plugin, which shows random images […]