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Adult affiliate stats for 2011

Not too shabby for me this year. I just switched to Nifty Stats 6 weeks ago and I won’t be able to compare previous years, so I’ll just post some screenshots. It includes most of my adult affiliate stats for 2011. Sales were pretty much the same as last year.

Overall stats:

CCbill stats:

Breakdown by month:

Income and expenses:

Let’s work for an even better for 2012!

Nifty Stats review

I recently installed the free Nifty Stats trial after problems renewing Stats Remote and thought I’d post a Nifty Stats review for those who haven’t tried it yet. It has all the stats details you’d expect, plus some extras under the hood I was pleased to find.

Nifty Stats no longer has a free ad-supported version, but it priced at a reasonable $19.95 a month, or you can save a few bucks with the $199 a year option. It is actively supported, and my support questions have all been answered within 24 hours. Requests for new programs or features were also handled very fast.

The above screenshot is for the day of Dec 8th (okay I’m a little slow during the holidays). It shows my affiliate programs and stats which are mostly easy to understand. The only exception is the ‘Payout’ column. This shows the amount of money in my accounts at each affiliate program, and if it’s a green font, then I’ve met the minimum payout and should be getting a check. I like that feature. Some affiliate programs pay a month or so behind for fraud checking reasons, so the payout can build up. But you can use this to tell something is wrong if you are owed a check and haven’t received one in a while. During my Nifty Stats trial I discovered one affiliate program that owed me a few hundred dollars, and I had to contact their support to get it. I gotta be more on the ball, and this Nifty Stats feature will help.

If the affiliate program supports it, you can download stats by site as well. Here is Kinky Dollars.

Another great feature is being able to sort the affiliate programs by groups. So far I’ve created ‘Adult’ (my main pay per signup and revshare accounts), ‘Adult – Email/PPC sales’ (so I don’t count those micro-transactions in my conversion stats) and ‘Yuck’ (affiliate programs that went belly up or I no longer wish to promote, but still wish to keep historical stats).

The only problem I encountered entering all my affiliate programs into Nifty Stats is it cannot record old data if the program switched from a previous stats program, for instance if they switched from CCBill to NATS. Affiliate programs rarely keep data from the older stats program live, so Nifty Stats can’t access it. Not Nifty Stats fault, but something to be aware of.

Now the very bottom part of the window will show more data on any affiliate programs selected above. In this case, I have CC Bill Affiliate highlighted and the ‘Payout’ tab selected. If the affiliate program supports it, Nifty Stats will download payout history, and when you receive your funds you can check off the payout as received and it will be reflected in the payout column. How great is that? If the affiliate program does not have payout history, you can still enter payments received manually.

Here I highlighted Nasty Dollars and clicked the ‘Report’ tab.

Here I highlighted my top ten affiliate programs and clicked the ‘Chart’ tab.

Here I highlighted all my affiliate programs and clicked the ‘Chart’ tab.

I’ve been very impressed with Nifty Stats and everything you can do with the numbers. I tried to touch on the most important (to me) features in this Nifty Stats review, but since the Nifty Stats 30 day trial is free, go ahead and try it yourself. I think you’ll be happy you did.

Stats Remote figures for August 2011

It’s been over two years since I’ve done a monthly breakdown. Oops.

CCbill breakdown:

Pornstar blog SEO results after 6 months

Just thought I’d drop a note with those simple pornstar blogs I made 6 months ago in January. I’m just reporting the [pornstar name], and not the longer tail ‘[pornstar name] blog’, ‘[pornstar name] videos’, etc. which are even better. These rankings are as of today, please note adult rankings are usually very volatile.

Pornstar Search Term
Google Yahoo Bing
Alexa Loren 1st page 2nd page 2nd page
Amy Reid 3rd page 8th page -n/a-
Ava Addams 1st page 4th page 4th page
Haley Cummings 2nd page 8th page -n/a-
Micah Moore 3rd page -n/a- -n/a-
Phoenix Marie -n/a- 6th page 6th page
Rebecca Linares 3rd page 9th page 5th page

I did a few trades for incoming links and I think if I do more the rankings will improve.

This is what the search terms generally look like (tracked using CuteRank).

I think Google starts new sites off in a ‘honeymoon’ period where it tests your site in the search results for surfer CTR, bounce rate, and probably some other things. Once that’s over, the site has to climb it’s way up through Google’s normal formula for ranking.

Kinky Dollars stats surprisingly good

My Kinky Dollars stats were surprisingly good yesterday. I wish this happened every day… with all the sponsors I promote.