List of blacklisted adult programs

This is from the people over at Signbucks Daily, the first and only adult chronicle. They have lots of resources for adult affiliates, and one I saw today should get out there so everybody can see it. It is the list of blacklisted adult programs and there’s probably quite a few you’ve heard of or […]

My review of Pinkworld premium partner account

Pinkworld is one of the old school text TGPs, online since 15-Apr-1999. Submit Passes states that Pinkworld is currently receiving 351,866 unique visitors and 1,748,827 page views a day, but no date is listed. Pinkworld’s Alexa rating is still very good. The bad news is it shows 50% of Pinkworld’s traffic is from India. That […]

TEVS Tube Script Special

This is worth mentioning. Big Dot Media is having a sale of it’s legal tube script TEVS. —————————————————— Buy 1 license, get 2 free! Buy any TEVS license and get 2 to the same value free! You can add your second and third license at any time. Starts: Wed 14th April, 2010 Ends: Wed 21st […]

How not to steal someone’s work

Getting ideas from websites is well and good, but if you’re unscrupulous enough to copy/paste web pages and try to pass it off as your own, at least be smart enough to change the adult affiliate codes. This poor bastard submitted one of my TGP galleries as his own, and I ended up getting the […]