Hidden cross sales and more

Cross sales are a strong, valid marketing strategy for extending a purchaser additional offers for related products, usually at a special discount. This has been around long before the internet, and not limited to the adult business. Such as when you get a magazine subscription and can check a box for a related magazine subscription […]

Sponsors not crediting all sales? Believe it.

It’s called ‘shaving’, when a sponsor that has it’s own affiliate program doesn’t credit all the sales you’ve made in order to boost their bottom line. Somewhere during the signup process, the software would somehow ‘lose’ your affiliate code. Almost impossible to see and therefore prove. This was a big issue during the ‘early years’, […]

Are adult affiliates getting credit for mobile traffic?

The answer is ‘probably not’. Some adult affiliate programs are redirecting any mobile traffic you send to their sites, and some of them are NOT giving you credit for any sales. It’s blatant theft of your adult traffic and you won’t even notice it in your stats unless you happen to surf your own sites […]