Further explanation of TGP gallery statistics

On my TGP partner account reviews I use the ‘poor results formula’ a lot, and when I think about it I wonder if people think “Why would I buy a pass that’s only expected to make me $40 after a month of submitting?”. It’s a good question, so I thought I’d explain. I use ‘poor results’ to determine a value to approximate terrible results due to a lack of design skills, sales text, the content, the economy, etc. Most of which you can overcome by building a better gallery. Here’s the full picture of what I’m seeing:

Example: Submit Pass ‘X’ at $40/mo which gives 170k traffic per month to galleries

CTR Ratio Expected Sales Expected $ ROI
Poor Results 2% 1:1500 2.27 $79.33 98%
Avg Results 3% 1:1250 4.08 $142.80 257%
Good Results 4% 1:1000 6.80 $238.00 495%

So you can see the difference between the ‘poor results’ (the minimum we should expect from submitting TGP galleries) and the ‘good results’ (excellent designed galleries with good content and sales text leading to solid sponsor sites). Selling adult memberships is a very volatile business, so please understand these numbers are averaged out and can sway dramatically for each webmaster.

Periodically I check my TGP gallery CTRs, especially if I’m using a new template. For me personally so far my worst CTR on a TGP gallery I’ve checked was 1.13% and the best was 6.97%. You can safely assume I dropped the low CTR template in a hurry!

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  1. Great information again. I’m curious, how many different sponsors do you normally use during a month’s submissions? Or do you use only a couple of sponsors that have a lot of different niches (sites)? And do you switch sponsors all the time, or pretty much stick with the same ones month after month? I find certain ones I like to promote, but then I find myself thinking “maybe that one or this one would be better”.

  2. Quite a bit. I have about 70 sponsors I promote across many hubs/blogs, and I try to alternate between them on TGP and LL submissions, giving precedence to my best performing ones and any newly released sites. There’s probably a good dozen ‘in the rotation’ at any given week. I actually need to weed out more of the non performers.

  3. For a newbie like me this whole blog is like a little bible or a treasury, it saves me a lot of time reading and posting at all the wm-boards, but i donĀ“t feel comfortable with getting this info just for free, so if you are still around when/if i get more experienced maybe i can share something.


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