My review of Primox premium partner account

A high traffic TGP in the gay niche, a partner account is only available by contacting the webmaster directly. The minimum amount is 1 gay submit per day for 3 months for $75, up to 5 gay submits per day for 3 months for $200. I took the 1/day submit pass, and these results are from a one month window, at a comparative cost of $25. According to the site owner, the his gay TGP gets about 350k to galleries daily. It has a high Alexa rating and it appears a lot of people search for ‘primox’. The gay TGP does skim traffic for trades at 10%, which for a TGP is very low.

smart thumbsTowards the end of my pass, a 30 day snapshot shows 73982 hits from Primox to my galleries. No accept or decline emails are sent, but you can check your galleries because they use the Smart Thumbs TGP script. I don’t know if all submitted galleries are set to inactive when the partner account expires, or it happens naturally.

Primox Monthly Pass: $25 allows 1 submit per day (3 months minimum). Traffic received: 73982 hits over a 30 day period.

Estimated pass value with performance on 73982 hits to TGP galleries for a $35 per sale site.

Results CTR Ratio Sales Value
Poor 2% 1:1500 0.99 $34.52
Average 3% 1:1250 1.78 $62.14
Good 4% 1:1000 2.96 $103.57

Summary Value: Fair

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  1. Nice review, thanks a lot for the information. I was looking for a gay TGP to buy top spots on […as I am not submitting gay content], and now I know who to contact for sure. 😉 Peace, and Keep up the good work!

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