My review of TGP Alliance premium partner account

TGP Alliance is a network of adult oriented sites which specializes is thumbnail gallery posts. TGP Alliance has been online for over 5 years and has acquired a huge amount of traffic of all types, which includes bookmark traffic, Search Engine traffic, normal traffic from trades and also a lot of niche traffic. Although there is a large number of TGP sites to submit to with this pass, the only two that sends big traffic is Sun Porno and Twilight Sex. However, recently the website owner has switched the index page of Sun Porno into a tube. TGP galleries can still be found in the archives, but how many surfers would use that when tube videos are all over the main page? Traffic sent from Sun Porno immediately dropped 90%, and I’m wondering if more network sites will become tubes. Attempted contacts to owner have gone unanswered.

TGP Alliance Submit Pass: $150 allows 5 submits per day for 2 months. This comes out to $75 per month. Traffic received: 216k hits over a 30 day period. This is still after the Sun Porno tube change.

Estimated pass value with performance on 216k hits to TGP galleries for a $35 per sale site.

Results CTR Ratio Sales Value
Poor 2% 1:1500 2.88 $100.80
Average 3% 1:1250 5.18 $181.44
Good 4% 1:1000 8.64 $302.40

Summary Value: Very good, down from Excellent before Sun Porno switched to tube format.

March 9th update: Got this email, making this partner account better since I submit primarily picture galleries anyway.

“Dear Partners,

Due to high demand from webmasters, we decided to create picture-only accounts,
which will let you submit picture galleries only. It’s price will be lower than accounts which allow to submit both pictures and movies, and it will be $50 per month with 3 months required prepayment. Picture accounts will be available
starting 1st of april.

Thank you for your support and continued business.”

Dec update: Twilight Sex is now also a tube site. Traffic for submitters is way down. I do not recommended this partner account any more.

2 Responses to “My review of TGP Alliance premium partner account”

  1. Hey,
    GREAT blog, learning a lot from it (I hope, I’m just starting :))

    I was wondering, how do you measure partner accounts success in terms of traffic? In this article you mention 216k hits from tgp alliance’s sites, how did you get to that number? I use webalizer and I don’t see anyway to count total hits from a certain website… Any tips there?
    The same goes for CTR. I currently have only one partner account and I assume that 95% of the traffic comes from that source so I lookup a certain gallery in webalizer and then find it in the sponspor stats and simply calculate the CTR (1%… I simply don’t get it, It’s a nightmare.
    how do you easily extract this info?

    Thanks, Really is a great blog

  2. Hey Jim, actually webalizer does have an option to track referring sites, you just have to use it. I actually parse the raw server logs and drop partial requests, head requests, etc. to get a more accurate number of unique visitors from each referring site.

    You can also do this to determine the total traffic for each gallery, then cross reference it with the referring urls at the sponsor for that gallery to determine the click through rate (CTR). If your logs show 20k hits to your gallery from all sources, and the sponsor shows 500 hits from those gallery urls, then you can determine that gallery had a CTR of 500/20k * 100 = 2.5%

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