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MP over at Medium Pimpin Bbs recently posted his adult blog stats going back to Jan 2008. In summary, his records start with 150 adult blogs pulling in about $1600 that month, or about $11 per site per month. Skip forward to Oct 2010, and his 400 adult blogs pulled in a nice $16000, or about $40 per site per month. Congrats, MP! That’s a lot of work. I currently have 63 adult blogs and need to get crackin! Who’s with me?

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  1. I am following. It is takes time to build blog empire, but looks like it worth of it.

  2. Thanks for the link, that really is an inspirational example. I do have a question about the cost of owning 400 plus domains and in your case 63 blogs and many other sites as well. Do you register them for multiple years, one year, are you always being hit with new registrations every month? With getting the private registration I am spending around $18-20 per domain, unless I register them for multiple years.

    Is there any way to keep down the cost, especially if one begins to own 50, 100 or more individual domains? Thanks.

  3. For myself I auto-register every year at Moniker. I think with more domains the less you pay for each – I pay about half what you do. Instead of private whois I just have a PO Box. The overall point is, each domain should make plenty of profit to pay for itself 10 times over every year.

  4. Hi Howling Wulf 🙂 I was wondering if you don’t mind me how are your blogs going ie how many blogs do you now have and what sort of signup % are you getting since the downturn

    Thank’s AussieBoB

  5. I’ve been working on my blogs a lot lately and getting backlinks. I plan on doing a full year end update on stats and blog breakdown (it’s a lot of work going through 70+ sponsors).

  6. Cool can’t wait to read it 🙂 thank’s for your reply

    Aussie BoB

  7. I cant imagine how much work 400 blogs would be, though it seems to me from the thread that he is part of a team of people doing it even as part of a small team thats a lot of blogs.

    I cant even think of 400 seperate niche’s lol.

    I have 3 blogs up atm, I have read that some people bang out 4 to 5 blogs a day, I dont know how they do it, it takes me a whole day to get one out.

    I have a couple questions though about blogs, how many unique visitors a day is ok for a blog? and do comments posted by people help SEO or is it better to just leave the comments option turned off?

    Your blog is amazing Howling Wulf, thank you for taking the time to put all this information together for those of us who are new to adult.

  8. I don’t know how they churn out 5 blogs a day either. I think they are probably cookie cutter sites without much thought or text. Plenty of those around. Like you, I can put one I think is good quality out in about a day. Lately I’ve been trying for 5 per week to clear out my old domains that have been sitting around. Almost done!

    How many visitors per day is ok? One if he buys something. Really, it’s like asking how long is a piece of string? A site could have tons of freeloader traffic, or a small amount of niche buyers.

    Comments should be off for new blogs as 99.99999% of the comments will be spam and you’ll have to spend time moderating them. If you get on 1st page of Google and have thousands of search engine hits per day then you might consider it. I have some blogs that get several hundred valid comments from surfers per day. It doesn’t seem to help for SEO terms, but Google might look favorably on them because of user interaction.

    Thanks for the compliment. I wish I had better results to share with everyone.

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