How to create a free adult blog at Sensual Writer

This basic post is aimed at adult webmasters who want to start with a free adult blog network and/or use free hosted blogs to increase incoming links into their main network. There are several great free adult blog hosts and I’ll be using Sensual Writer for this example, but Sexus Blog has the exact same […]

Custom made adult blog directory

So I’ve been taking some time off expanding my site network to write the script for OMG Sex Blogs, an enhanced porn directory for adult blogs. I’ve been surfing a lot of adult blog directories and I think a lot of them are just awful. I wanted to make one I wanted to be a […]

Aim to be #1

I was checking out SEO software Market Samurai (meh) when I came across this market research graphic on the top 10 search results for Google. The lions share of users click on the #1 result. There’s a huge difference between even the #1 and #2 spot. I used to be satisfied with showing up on […]

MP adult blog stats

MP over at Medium Pimpin Bbs recently posted his adult blog stats going back to Jan 2008. In summary, his records start with 150 adult blogs pulling in about $1600 that month, or about $11 per site per month. Skip forward to Oct 2010, and his 400 adult blogs pulled in a nice $16000, or […]

Adult sites and link building

Yes I’m still kicking. As you all probably know, ratios are down and it’s getter tougher by the day in the adult online business. For September my sales ratio from all sources was a sad 1:2425. Traffic to TGP sites is still dropping, and some have switched to tube layouts altogether. However they still charge […]