Further explanation of TGP gallery statistics

On my TGP partner account reviews I use the ‘poor results formula’ a lot, and when I think about it I wonder if people think “Why would I buy a pass that’s only expected to make me $40 after a month of submitting?”. It’s a good question, so I thought I’d explain. I use ‘poor […]

My review of the Bone Me partner account

The entry for Bone Me at Submit Passes mentions a package of sites averaging about 500,000+ uniques daily but no date when that was written. A $39 submit pass allows 10 submissions per day for 30 days. I counted 40 total Bone Me sites, 4 general TGP sites and the rest niche related, so you […]

My review of the Richards Realm partner account

It’s been said Richards Realm is older than the trees of Isengard. Okay, I said that, but RR has been around a long time and is a very text oriented site with many followers. Richards Realm offers a premium submit account for 3 TGP and MGP submissions each day with preferred placement above the free […]

My review of the Shemp Gold Plus partner account

Shemp has been running a well established TGP site of the same name since the 90s, and was the first to kick cheaters in the teeth and switch to a preferred submit system in early 1999. This led to better quality submits which led to more happy book markers who trust his site for their […]

My review of the Worldsex/Al4a Premium Partner Account

Worldsex is one of the largest TGP sites currently on the internet. It’s sister site, Al4a, is also a monster. A Worldsex/Al4a premium partner account allows you to submit a TGP gallery to each one every other day for 70 euros (currently about $97 USD) a month. There are no guarantees, you’ll just get your […]